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How EFT can help release old blockages

Margit Cathrine Moller

I like how some Oriental healers look at disease. They use a hyphen and spell is as Dis-Ease. In oriental healing philosophy, a disease is merely an imbalance in the natural flow of life in the human body. Such an imbalance creates diseases like cancer, heart failure, diabetes. For them, these are caused by an accumulation of negative energies that are stored them like old water being dammed. Because of these blocks, life does not flow freely.

These blocks may also result to fears, trauma, turbulent emotions, scattered thinking, and physical tensions. Psychologists have long studied these phenomena but they have not come up with a technique on how to release these blockages from the body.

That is why we are thankful for the development of EFT – Emotionally Freedom Technique. If acupressure releases physical blockages, EFT releases emotional blockages, although it is also known to release physical pain and alleviate physical trauma.

EFT works by a process that involves gentle tapping of meridian therapies or what we can pressure points. This tapping releases the blockages just like dismantling the dam – allow free flow of positive energies. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotions, states, “Energy interventions impact the body’s intricate electrochemical system as well as more subtle energies.”

This particular theory states that the flow of positive energies affect the overall health of the human body. Research has shown that the brain and the nervous and endocrine systems respond well after tapping as these chemical and hormonal systems affect our thoughts, feelings, moods, and outlook in life.

This FREEDOM is not just freedom from the past, this is a freedom that allows you to embrace a new life and new sense of direction.