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intuitive Spiritual Healing

Who is Margit Cathrine Moller, and what are her qualifications?

I am naturally drawn to healing people; that is why I have studied hypnotherapy, Reiki, and other therapeutic techniques! One form of healing that I practice is a form of Spiritual Healing. It is well received in my native Denmark, but it hasn't quite gained popularity in North America yet

My philosophi about healing

Spiritual healing is an ancient, natural technique. Intuitive Spiritual Healing has been in use in Eastern and aboriginal cultures for thousands of years. Healing is loving energy being passed from the healer to the person in need, to dissolve any blockage in the physical, emotional and spiritual Self.

The word healing derives from the Latin "holy" or "wholeness". Improved health is nothing more than the return of the body's memory of being "whole" again.

Our bodies consist of energy. When an imbalance in our system occurs, we experience illness. This imbalance can derive from physical, emotional, or spiritual influences, or a combination of all three.

To feel well again, we need to re-establish the balance in our system - our body, mind and soul. Healing is the re-establishment of energies where an imbalance exists.

As a client, with the help of a trained and sensitive healer, you can learn to open any blockages in your physical, emotional and spiritual self. When your body is guided to realize its own good health, you are healed.  

Who can benefit from my healing?

Anyone can benefit from spiritual healing regardless of age, beliefs or life circumstances.

The manner in which I heal is particularly beneficial for those people who are determined to go on to better health and who are ready to take personal responsibility for their well-being, based on my healing.

You might be a good candidate for my spiritual healing if you:

- suffer from injuries or illness

- experience stress, tension or emotional pain

- have tried traditional medical treatments without success

- seek wellness through self-healing

- bring an open mind to the process

I have had success with a variety of conditions such as depression, vision problems, and stress. I have also helped women who were having difficulties with menstruation or pregnancy. Back problems, allergies, cancer, emotional problems, and anxiety are other conditions where I have supported my patients with spiritual healing.

Normally, it is not possible to determine in advance the nature of your condition, if it can be cured, or if there is more than one ailment to treat. My process uncovers your own unique ability to understand your own well-being, enabling you to cure yourself.

As an example of this, many years ago, a young woman came to me asking for help with her migraines (you can read her testimony on my testimonials page). I gave her five treatments of healing. During the treatments, I detected that the reason why she kept getting migraines was that she had severe trouble communicating with her mother and boyfriend. I told her this. She acknowledged this to be true, and when she went home, she followed my advice. Once she started being honest with herself and her loved ones, the migraines went away. Her health improved because she listened to the information that I intuitively received from her during her treatments and actually did something about her own health!

Just as this client benefitted from my healing, so might you!

What can you expect?

When you come to me for a treatment, I make myself available to offer you whatever support you need in a safe, relaxing atmosphere. I will cooperatively work with you and your energy source to aid in your own healing process.

In addition to my healing touch, you will be given information about yourself and your well-being during the treatment. You will also learn how to find your own answers and insights into your unique resources for wellness.

An initial treatment lasts approximately one hour. You will sit, fully clothed, in a relaxing, customized chair throughout the session.

Working intuitively with you, I will gently focus on specific areas of the body. I will move my hands wherever I can sense a need for healing energy. I will then place my hands in that spot and start telling you whatever it is that I sense your body and spiritual self need to communicate to you.

As I work with your body's energies, will I talk about specific issues that have relevance to your healing. Each healing session is as unique as the person I am working with, and everyone respond differently to the treatments. Some people get emotional. Others don't. For some people, it gives them peace to know why they were having problems. Others do not like it as much, because it often brings about the realization that they have a responsibility for their own health, and that this sometimes requires lifestyle changes.

Most people, however, report feeling a deep sense of relief and revitalization after a treatment session.

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disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person