What is Mindscaping?

Mindscaping is the practice of accessing a client's unconscious mind and deepest held thoughts and beliefs. The process removes much of the need for long, detailed conversational therapy, and provides me with deep and personal insight into your mental state almost immediately. Using Mindscaping, Hypnosis Toronto is able to quickly access and asses crucial information about your thought patterns, allowing us to begin our work together right away.

Like most forms of therapy, Mindscaping is something that has always existed, but only recently defined and developed as a tool by Dr. Mike Mandel. It combines elements of Time Line Therapy™, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP submodality shifts, The Cube system of personality typing, and Jungian symbolism and archetype. I was given the opportunity to study Mindscaping with Dr. Mandel personally, and have had huge success in making breakthroughs with my clients using this therapy.

How can Mindscaping Help Me?

Mindscaping is unique because it can be used in conjunction with almost any form of therapy, and can help us to quickly develop our therapeutic relationship to get started – meaning it can help with almost any problem you may be facing.

It can be helpful in determining the root of negative behaviours, beliefs and emotions, and allow us to tackle those causes to make almost immediate improvement. Mindscaping is most helpful for accessing and exploring past traumas, and bringing to light those things that you find difficult to talk about.
If you are feeling overly stressed or negative, or if you have had any trouble connecting with a therapist in the past, Mindscaping can help us to work together.

The Results Speak for Themselves

One of the greatest things about Mindscaping is that patients are able to feel the benefit of improvement immediately. If you are overwhelmed by negativity, we can work together to help you feel a bit better immediately! We can address any current crisis before using the therapy to make sweeping changes to your outlook.
Mind scaping works with your submodalities and long-held beliefs, which drive your behaviour, your attitudes, and your sense of well-being – and you may be unaware of the negative things in your unconscious that contribute to problems in your life.

Finally, Mindscaping is amazing because it can be used to help with almost any problem you might be facing. I can work with you on stress, emotional pain, past traumas, impulse control, immune system issues, anxiety, panic, or any other problems in your ;life dynamic as soon as we begin working together.

The best thing about Mindscaping is the ripple effect it will have in your life. You may not realize the toll that hidden traumas, thoughts and belief systems may be having on your life. Addressing these issues will help not only the specific problems you are facing, but you will see an improvement in your overall sense of health and well-being once you have addressed these thought processes.

When will I Feel Better?

Therapy is a very personal and complicated process, and each patient requires different things and come in with different goals. Because of this, it is difficult to say exactly how many sessions you might need.

What is great about Mindscaping is that you will feel better after ONE treatment. Because of the personal and deeply-rooted nature of the therapy, patients have reported improved mood, feeling and attitude for days after a treatment, with increasing improvement after each session.

disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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MindScaping can be helpful in determining the root of negative behaviours, beliefs and emotions, and allow us to tackle those causes to make almost immediate improvement.

Finding the way

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We have a saying 'mind over matter'

Most often that is exactly just what it is - mind over matter to create the changes in our lives that we would like to have


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