What people say about Margit Cathrine

Do you want a better idea of ??what goes on in sessions with Margit Cathrine? She believes in letting her clients speak for themselves. We invite you to read through the following letters so that you can become more familiar with Margit Cathrine and her work.

*Meeting Margit was the best way to start my new year.

Ten months ago I had gone through a very traumatic experience I spent so many days and nights doing shadow work to heal.. but I realized I needed an extra push to get over the hill.

Margit did just that for me in such a short period of time.

Her EFT sessions were so freeing. An event that happened almost a year ago FINALLY felt like it happened a year ago and not just yesterday.

I am truly grateful for her work, her help and her advice. I'm in such a better place, finally.

Thank you!

-- MA

*Hi Margit

I apologize for the late text but I couldn't end the night without saying THANK YOU.
I don't know how you do it but I haven't felt like myself in ages and I finally feel 'free'.

I will forever be grateful to you and all your help. You really are an angel...thank you so much for everything.

-- Mary

*Margit helped me overcome personal barriers and anxiety that was preventing me from achieving full confidence and career potential. Through just a few sessions, she was able to make a lasting impact that I am grateful for. She was thoughtful and committed to the process, and acted as a true partner in helping me unlock personal growth.

I have already recommended her to family, and would recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive personal change, no matter how difficult or out of reach it may seem.

-- JZ

*Hey Margit Cathrine

My son brought up today that his hockey team recently had a Hypnotherapist speak with them about Mind work, positive mind, mental health, and so on.

He said she was very good but commented on how "She was No Margit Cathrine."

He continued to say "That he Now realizes how amazing Margit Cathrine really is!"

I explained to my son that Margit Cathrine is a "Master." A Master Hypnotist plus a Healer.

She is able to quickly help someone heal themselves. Or to achieve their optimum mental abilities. The subconscious mind is the key to success, great health, and most importantly Happiness.

Accordingly, that is why my son after having sessions with Margit Cathrine has achieved such outstanding confidence and reached such mental heights in his hockey game.

This has been a significant part of why he has declared his professional status as an athlete.
Thanks for all of your help over the years.

You truly have and are an amazing GIFT.

-- Douglas

*Hi Margit

I just wanted to reach out to you and share how much I valued our sessions. I feel so hopeful and confident.
It was a great investment. I would recommend you to everyone.

-- Jay

*Hi Margit

I wanted to thank you for the both the effective and compassionate treatment you provided with respect to helping me resolve a deeply personal issue.
You made me feel comfortable from the start , you are easy to talk to , and helped to me to quickly resolve the issue .

Thanks Again

-- SD

Testimonial - Overcoming Grief

*Five Stars!

I recently lost my beautiful mother who died tragically in
her Long Term Care Home due to Covid 19.

She suffered for weeks not seeing her family and died a
horrific death all alone.

I was in shock and in immense emotional distress over losing
my mother in this cruel way. I reached out to Margit Cathrine for help.
When I shared my story with Margit Cathrine. She immediately understood
what I was going through and with her wisdom and compassion was able to make me
feel validated and we just connected. It was amazing how intuitive she

With the help of hypnosis , I was able to start the healing
journey and become free of the emotional turmoil I was carrying. I
trusted Margit Cathrine with my deepest sorrow and feelings and I was
grateful for her help.

I thank you Margit Cathrine for giving me the courage to
believe again.

-- Estelle H .

Testimonial - the Impact of just one session

I am writing to say that I used to drink a lot socially. And had a really hard time saying no and a hard time not overdoing it.

I never thought anything could help me until I had an appointment with Margit Cathrine. My appointment with was approx January 2014 and it was only one appointment dealing with the drinking issue.

Since then I do not crave to drink in social settings one bit. I've now become the designated driver when I go out with my friends. I am very happy about this. It's made a huge difference in my life.

If anyone would like to contact or speak to me please ask Margit Cathrine for my email. And I'll gladly talk on the phone or email you.


*Thank you so much Margit Cathrine.

You are truly amazing therapist. I am very grateful for your help. I had very good weekend.

No anxiety and no more anger towards my husband. I think he is happy about that. I still need to work more on my controlling personality, people pleasing and self esteem.

When I am back I will come to see you again. Thank you. God bless you.


*Hello Margit Cathrine.

just want to thank you for being there for me. For helping me to deal with my issues.

I am very grateful for your help. I feel much better. Feel more of being my true self. Less anxiety and more joy!

You are true healer and light worker here on earth . Thank you from all my heart.


Becoming painfree

*Hi Margit Cathrine.

I just want to thank you for your help.
I feel much better regarding my arthritis and psoriasis.
I'm much more calm, relaxed, less stressed than ever. I'm listening to your wonderful Cd every night before sleeping.
I told already to my husband how lucky I was to find you.

I wish you all the best!


OldPain2Go Pain gone

*Hi Margit,
Thank you for such a wonderful session last week.
The effects were powerful: I spent a few days exploring things I haven't done in a long time, including a big bike ride on the Humber which felt like it would have been impossible before.
I feel so much stronger.
Thank you!

I feel like the fear of moving around outside has really dropped away.
The most noticeable effect was not feeling dizzy and no migraine. I did get dizzy toward the end of the big bike ride, but it is clear that the OldZPain2Gos increased my capacity dramatically, so dizziness doesn't come doing simple things like laundry.


*I have recently been treated by Margit Cathrine who was using OldPain2Go on a very painful ankle. Margit Cathrine was very helpful and professional. The pain which had been stopping me walking has reduced so much that I can now wear shoes and walk again which I have not been able to do for about two years.
Thank you so much.


Testimonial Concerning Margit Cathrine's Virtual Gastric Band program:

*I found my way to Margit Cathrine's Virtual Gastro Band clinic through the internet. I was so impressed with Margit Cathrine's mannerism and although skeptical, I put myself in her hands and lost 20 pounds in 2 months! I have 30 to go and my goal is to have all my excess weight off in 6-8 months total.

I must stress -you must eat each SMAll meal mindfully-not mindlessly- This is SO important to success in this program. When I forget this-the scale tells me!

Thank you Margit Cathrine- I will never eat the same again! (With Margit Cathrine's help, I also quit eating salt-this is made a huge difference in my weight and health!)


Testimonials regarding Margit Cathrine's Healing Techniques:

*My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia in April 2012. He has since been hospitalized once for over a month and has been on many anti-pychotic medications. After seeing Margit Cathrine starting in June 2013 and using many of her amazing therapies especially Beam Therapy, he has lost 30 lbs and is able to talk through many of the many delusions he experienced. He has also gone down to using only one medication at a low dose.

I highly recommend Margit Cathrine to anyone who is or has a loved one experiencing any form of pychosis. My son often referred to Cathrine as his ˜angel'.

Thank you Margit Cathrine always. I will be forever grateful to you.


*Margit Cathrine has been a part of my life for 8 years. She has helped me get through an eating disorder, my fathers death, break ups and moving away from Toronto.

I owe so much to Margit Cathrine, I could never repay her but I am thankful for her support and wisdom everyday.


*Hello Margit,

just want to thank you for being there for me. For helping me to deal with my issues.
I am very grateful for your help. I feel much better. Feel more of being my true self. Less anxiety and more joy!
You are true healer and light worker here on earth .
Thank you from all my heart.


The following testimonials demonstrate Margit Cathrine's abilities to use her techniques in dealing with physical pain. Danish Doctor Speaks About Cathrine's Healing Techniques

*Groomed in the modern medical techniques a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, I was naturally armed with an appreciable degree of skepticism as I headed for Margit Cathrine's Healing Clinic. Without furnishing the Healer any anagenetic information (in order to test her mettle), the healing session soon got under the way as Margit closed in antero-posteriorly on my body with both hands.

Wandering vertically from my fronto-occipital region, she paused around the neck and shoulders, making a rather startling statement that, the vibrations striking her hands revealed that I was sore and pain-ridden in those areas. I was completely taken aback as I was indeed in real pains, just I had been for several days in a row prior to my arrival at her clinic. Equally amazing was her pin-point accuracy as she once again registered vibrations' in my lower back region indicating as she put it severe pains. The fact was that I had been grappling with excruciating pains for quite a long spell as a result of a slipped lumbar disc.

Then came the feat of the therapy session: as Margit Cathrine continuously moved her hands along my trunk, I felt warmth sieving through the dolorous regions she had identified. Gradually, the pain relief set in, and as the healing session drew to a close, I could turn and twist as never before. This, I dare say, was really astonishing.
Margit Cathrine has never claimed that her healing was a panacea for all ills, but certainly she is endowed with a rare gift of healing with has relieved scores of sufferers from the physical and mental agonies. Like many others, I am a living testimony of her healing prowess, and therefore, I warmly recommend her healing services to all and sundry.

--Professor Ade Ojeniyi, M.D., Dr. Phil., D.V.M., Cert. Internat. Health, D.Ac. Denmark

No more seizures

*I have been suffering from temporal epilepsy but I didn't want to take anti-epilepsy medications as they all have many side effects and they not always work. When my seizures started to get worse and started to happen every day I got desperate to stop it, but wasn't sure what to do as traditional medicine unfortunately not very helpful for epilepsy.
When doing search in the internet for alternative help I found information about Hypnosis and Margit's clinic website. In the past I didn't consider hypnosis as I didn't know about how it works and if it actually works. But I'm so happy that I've decided to give it a try!

It was amazing help for me, I had just one session and I didn't have any seizures since then! It feels like a miracle that the solution to my health problem was so fast and so easy! Margit was great and I'm very grateful for her help! She is a great listener, just talking to her made me feel way better, more positive and happier, and the hypnosis session overall really worked for me!

I didn't have any seizures in a month now, since our session, and I'm hoping they are gone for good! I highly recommend Margit and hypnosis. I wish more people new about it, it seems to be one of the best healing practices to me!


Immediately overcame built-up negative energy and sleepless nights

*Prior to my hypnosis session with Margit, I was ridden with anxiety, fear, insecurity, sleepless nights and uncontrollable night terrors had took over my being and I felt stuck.
When multiple attempts with psychotherapy sessions did not help, I decided to contact Margit in desperate need for help.

After our first session, I not only felt an immediate weight had been lifted but I now embody a higher sense of self and self-awareness.
Margit helped with removing the built-up negative energy I was holding onto within my body.

Between the end of a toxic relationship, and multiple traumatic childhood experiences, I never imagined only a few hours with Margit would have such an impact.
Not only am I able to sleep soundly again, but I am confident that I am on a road to a healthy healing process.

--Nico Fort

Overcame performance anxiety

*I cannot begin to express how wonderful Margit is!
I have suffered from bouts of anxiety on and off over the years.

After a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Margit I was able to over come my anxiety.
I looked forward to our sessions and her inspiring conversation.

Margit's compassion, care and understanding are exceptional.
I highly recommend her!

--Ann B.

Good morning Margit!

Ever since I left your office,
I have this feeling of peace and well being.
On my drive home yesterday from our appointment I could hear an inner voice saying "remember you promised, you promised."

I had an extraordinary evening last night.
I felt absolutely present and the most normal I have felt in a few weeks during my work.

And on the occasion a thought arose during my work about what had previously happened, I said to my subconscious "remember you promised"

So my subconscious and I now have a deal and I'm very excited for the future and my creativity.

Thank you again so much for your amazing help during this time for me.


Finding the right path in life

*Hi Margit,

The session was very beneficial. The inner critic has gone on vacation and my world is a little quieter these days.
More positivity abounds.
Also, I find I have fire in my belly for the first time and am finishing things and getting things done, with more energy than ever before.
My plans for the future have changed some what.

It was very nice to meet you and thank you for the session.

All the best,


Success working via Skype, Facetime or Zoom

*I have been working with Margit since 2015 and she has helped me through a number of issues using hypnosis.
I would highly recommend her.
Most recently, I have been having trouble sleeping and, because I couldn't go to the office, we started doing hypnosis sessions over FaceTime.

It really worked, and I was able to have two sessions in the comfort of my home. It was convenient, easy, and just as effective as the in office sessions. Thank you Margit!


Personal recording helped very much

*I am so happy to have purchased a personalized hypnosis download from Curo.net! The script was created for me after I explained my situation and I believe it is helping me to quickly achieve my goals.
The process was easy and all of my questions were answered thoughtfully.
An excellent experience!


*disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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