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Welcome to a revolutionary non-evasive way of addressing pain

At curo.net and as a recently certified as OldPain2Go practitioner, I am dedicated to changing lives for the better by treating pain with our state-of-the-art therapy program based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

We now offer the amazing OldPain2Go treatment. It is non-invasive, non-surgical and is free of side effects and completely drug-free.

The OldPain2Go Treatment System is a pain monitoring method that accurately and objectively measures the physiological response to pain and provides new insights into pain management care. OldPain2Go offers pain management and physical rehabilitation services for a variety of health conditions.

Who should try OldPain2Go?

Have you been diagnosed by a medical professional and either prescribed or been advised to take pain relief medication? Does it seem as if nothing else can be done medically except for your doctor to prescribe pain relief? Did you know that pain goes beyond simply being a measure of tissue damage?

The longer you’ve had the pain the more likely it is an old, redundant pain message from your mind that no longer serves a purpose. You’re consciously aware of it – all that is required is for us to convince your subconscious of it by applying the innovative OldPain2Go technique.

How it works

Put simply, OldPain2Go safely works by eliminating old pain messages held in the unconscious mind that are lingering and no longer serve a purpose. This treatment is not hypnosis, as it does not require a trance state.

As a certified OldPain2Go practitioner, I can work closely with you on a road to recovering by achieving a reduction in pain to a lower and more acceptable level or becoming completely pain free. It is safe, fast and effective. I feel it’s important to mention this technique does not take the place of medical advice, and individual results will vary. Ultimately your subconscious will decide upon the balance of pain or completely releasing pain. It works except when your subconscious believes there’s more reason to keep the pain than to lose it.

OldPain2Go works on any pain, regardless of its original cause

The following are just some of the examples which can be addressed by the OldPain2Go technique:

  • Anxiety

Anxiety-produced problems are among the most common of all mental health issues that can unfortunately result in massive suffering, disability, and economic loss. It’s characterized by experiencing fear that results in significant distress along with the impairment of basic functioning. In an anxiety-related disorder, your constant, underlying fear or worry does not go away and can grow worse over time. Panic attacks are a type of fear response which occur in the context of many anxiety disorders.

  • Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical condition characterized by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure. Other symptoms include fatigue which negatively affects normal activities such as sleep and memory.

  • Other pain-related issues:

Arthritis, damage after an accident, surgical, migraines, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, IBS, Crohns and much more.

Stop hurting and start living

As a Certified OldPain2Go Practitioner, I pride myself upon offering quality products and services for my clients while being cognizant of the economic challenges associated with accessing quality care. Taking into consideration the constantly evolving healthcare standards, changing demands and fiscal barriers, I strive to offer innovative options that will effectively address clients’ ever-growing needs for care and treatment. Whether or not you’re local to the Toronto area, I’m here to help either in person or virtually via Skype technology from anywhere around the globe.

If you feel it’s time to try a revolutionary approach to no longer living with unnecessary pain and start living your life, I encourage you to trust my expertise as a Certified OldPain2Go Practitioner to guide you on a journey of recovery.

disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person