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Beam Therapy™

What is BEAM Therapy™

The Bioenergetic Emotional Access Method (BEAM™) is a simplistic yet remarkably effective approach to releasing unprocessed emotions, and the negative effects they have on people as individuals. Traumatic experiences can easily prevent an individual from attaining true happiness or living a healthier lifestyle. Developed by Dr. J.K. Beattie, BEAM™ therapy is a chakra-based procedure specially designed to address these issues so you can free yourself from the shackles of the past, and live a better life.

The Long-Lasting 'Poison' of Early Traumatic Experiences

Early traumatic experience can somewhat be considered a form of poison that has detrimental impacts on an individual’s perception, behavioral patterns, and health. Although the event has already transpired months or years ago, its associated toxins still remain deep-seated in the person's energy fields. These experiences have the tendency to turn into life-changing events, especially when it happens to individuals below the age of 14.

Trauma can ultimately lead to dissatisfaction in life, dysfunctional behavioral patterns, as well as the formation of negative core beliefs and perception. As the poison continues to do damage, undesirable traits are reinforced and made part of an individual’s nature.

Impacts on Health

Unprocessed emotion can manifest itself through diseases. An individual bearing a lot of emotional baggage and negatively-charged thoughts is prone to a wide range of disorders. According to Eric Robins MD, unresolved emotional issues are the root causes of 85 percent of all illnesses. The exact sickness you’ll develop is dependent on the toxicity of the traumatic experiences you’ve been through. Some people tend to become more irritable, while others develop actual ailments such as ulcers, arthritis and cancer.

Keep in mind that unprocessed emotions have an accumulative effect on its bearers. The heavier an individual’s emotional baggage, the more dysfunctional he or she becomes in all aspects of his or her life.

How BEAM Therapy™ Works

BEAM Therapy™ works by effectively removing the toxins left behind in an individual’s energy field. This chakra-based procedure is used in combination with emotion/toxin vibrational frequencies to remove the emotional baggage (and the toxins it bares) weighing people down. It also alters negative core beliefs, distorted perception, adverse mental programming, and dysfunctional behavioral patterns in a fast, efficient manner.

Whatever subconscious or conscious issues you may be struggling with, there’s a universal step-by-step process involved in each and every session to deal with those issues. The first step is the identification of unprocessed emotion. Here, negatively-charged memories are brought up, and the client’s negative perceptions and beliefs are reframed. These memories are then restored in a neutral/positive way in harmony with the client’s energy field.

Session Information

Clients should drink plenty of water before each session, as proper hydration is essential for accurate muscle testing. The practitioner will then proceed to performing several tests to ensure your energy is flowing properly. Next, vials – imprinted with energetic frequencies relevant to the treatment – are placed next to your body. After that, your 14 chakra energy centres will be stimulated using special techniques.

Clients say that traumatic memories drift into their consciousness as they close their eyes. Some have likened the experience to watching a movie. The stress felt during the occurrence is NOT relived. At this point during the session, your mind will reframe the memory into a neutral or more positive light.

How Clients Feel after Sessions

Clients say they feel reinvigorated with positivity after their first few sessions. Their emotional baggage gets lighter as they progress through each session. They feel less stress, and are able to respond more positively during social interactions, or whenever stressful situations arise. Physical discomfort which may have been bothering them is alleviated as well.

Clients will notice a boost in their levels of confidence. Social anxieties and other thoughts driven by fear are gradually nullified. They begin to feel more motivated, thereby enabling them to pursue the things they truly want in life.

Right after the end of a session, some clients say they feel tired. This is a natural bodily response, as their cells are vibrating at an increased rate, which requires a certain degree of effort. Nevertheless, as they undergo more sessions, the results they experience gets better and better.

Is BEAM Therapy™ Safe?

Yes. BEAM Therapy™ strips the layers of negativity surrounding an individual systematically. The pace and amount of unprocessed emotions removed is determined by the client’s higher-self rather than basing it on what the client or practitioner deems fit. With this approach, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any adverse side effects during or after treatment.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for BEAM Therapy™?

BEAM Therapy™ is ideal for those who are unhappy or unhealthy in any way. This treatment can help you deal with issues pertaining to physical health, undesirable behavior, an unsound mental state, and troubled relationships. People who are burdened by financial problems, their careers, constant worrying, and addictions will find this program extraordinarily helpful. Moreover, BEAM™ Therapy is recommended for those who are having difficulty in coping with the death of a loved one, going through divorce, and other relevant concerns.

This treatment is ideal for people of all ages, as it doesn’t require clients to speak or thoroughly understand the procedure as a whole. More importantly, it’s great for anyone who wants to let go of the past so they can start living in the present, and move towards a brighter future.

What Health Disorders can this Procedure be Successful with?

The special techniques involved in this procedure make it effective for treating a very wide range of diseases. People struggling with disorders such as behavioral dysfunction, social/learning/personality disorders, severe bipolar/OCD, and autism will benefit from BEAM™ Therapy. Any individual inflicted by asthma attacks, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue symptom plus other diseases may find relief with this method of treatment.

How Long will it Take to Feel Whole again?

The results individuals experienced through BEAM™ Therapy vary from person to person. Depending on your age and the weight of your emotional baggage, you may need to undergo anywhere from one to 150 sessions. The younger you are, the fewer sessions you’ll require.

disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person