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Virtual Gastric Band

Never give up hope - there is a way .

Never give up trying to letting go of extra weight. No matter what your reason for losing* weight, it's something that is very achievable and without drugs or chemicals or giving up those favorite foods. A new innovative, non-surgical procedure can have you eating less and losing weight in no time. Gradually and safely lose weight without pain, discomfort or a huge dent in your wallet. It's called hypno Gastric Band - a technology involving the use of hypnosis that can change your life for good.

What is Virtual Gastric Band and how can hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis, practiced for centuries the around the world, has been widely used for the relief and treatment of many chronic pain conditions as well as symptomatic treatment stemming from diseases, addictions and other ailments. Over time, hypnosis and hypnotherapy has grown in popularity and use in leaps and bounds on a global scale.

The Virtual Gastric Band or Virtual Gastro Band as it is also called is a form of hypnosis treatment where the client has a desire to lose weight, but is either not a good candidate for gastric band surgery or simply has exhausted all attempts to lose weight traditionally and wants to take a new approach.

Much like gastric band surgery, a Virtual Gastric band in Toronto affords the client the opportunity to train their brain into believing their stomach has been made smaller by way of a gastric band. As a result, your brain signals to you that your stomach is now smaller and can only handle a small portion of food at a time.

A Virtual Gastric Band:

  • Can help you lose* weight without surgery
  • Can encourage gradual loss* of weight
  • Costs a fraction of the price of gastric band surgery
  • Will not cause pain or discomfort
  • Will not require surgery or time off work to heal
  • Has lasting effects
  • Will help you become healthier and happier

What are people saying about the success of the Virtual Gastric Band?

I found my way to Margit Cathrine's virtual Gastro Band clinic through the internet. I was so impressed with Margit Cathrine's mannerism and although sceptical, I put myself in her hands and lost 20 pounds in 2 months! I have 30 to go and my goal is to have all my excess weight off in 6-8 months total.
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What can I expect to gain from Virtual Gastric Banding?

Because everyone reacts to hypnotism differently, the desired results can vary from individual to individual. The success of the program is all depending on the client’s willingness to be open and receptive to the treatment.

You can expect to feel some fullness after eating smaller portions of food and because the hypnosis treatment is a suggestive procedure, you will want to eat healthier and make better food choices. Weight loss will be gradual, which is safer for your body than crash dieting.

* DISCLAIMER: is not a medical facility and does not diagnose medical conditions. The service provided is not meant as a replacement for any other intervention. All testimonials contained herein are actual clients who have completed their hypno Gastric Band/regular weight reduction program and express their own factual experience in their own words. The results described in testimonials may not be typical as individual results may vary.

How do I get more information?

That's simple! Just contact me through my contact form at

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I am available to answer any questions or ease any fears you may have.

Explore the possibilities of long-term weight loss* today for a new you tomorrow!The Virtual Gastric Band is proving to be a successful weight loss programme pioneered and developed in the UK by Sheila Granger as part of her hypnotherapy practice. The Virtual Gastric Band™ works by using the power of hypnosis to train your mind and body to accept less food. The clinical hypnotherapy works by the brain telling your stomach that it is full and there is no need for any more food. This is of course the principle behind the actual surgical procedure but the virtual gastric band carries with it no risk, no on-going medical treatment and the hypnotherapy can be done quickly and privately and without the need to wait on hospital waiting lists.

disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person