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Expand your life with Hypnocoaching

HypnoCoaching is a blending of hypnotic and neuro-linguistic tools with personal coaching skills to help clients achieve more than they ever thought was possible---more easily, quickly, and effectively than personal coaching alone. The methods of HypnoCoaching™ include the use of both conscious and subconscious processes to help people transform their dreams into their reality like the metamorphosis of a crawling caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly
HypnoCoach offers Hypnosis Coaching to assist you move past your old beliefs to new beginnings. This coaching/counseling revolves around liberating your personal potential for success, and is designed around your unique requirements and agenda, not the coach's.
What this means for you is that you receive assistance in determining your own direction and desired outcomes, objective feedback, support, and tools to generate your own change. This happens within the safe context of self-directed learning. You learn and develop at your own pace.

Our Professional Services

HypnoCoach assists you to address your personal, career, relationship, and life challenges using a solution-oriented approach tailored to your individual needs, and a process that lets you move beyond past blocks and self-imposed limits.

Vision for You

We see you make your life happen - as you intend it to! We see you move forward. We see you keep things in the right perspective, set priorities, achieve goals, bring balance into your life and accomplish more.

Easy and flexible way

After an initial assessment and planning session, coaching can take as little as 30 minutes a week over the phone, for most clients, and fits easily into your schedule. Some clients prefer personal meetings, or email to communicate. Sessions can be 30, 60, 90 minutes or more, depending on the schedule we've determined is best for you.

Liberating your Potential

HypnoCoach crafts boosted sessions that mean fewer visits and faster results. Our Hypnotic Coaching is designed to unlock your mind and liberate your potential. We incorporate a brief solution- oriented approach that addresses personal, career, relationship, and life challenges faced by individuals through personalized individual sessions and discounted session programs tailored to your unique needs.

Do you want to sleep soundly, manage your weight, relieve your stress, boost your confidence, or deal with any issue you are facing right now?

Or do you simply want to re-invent your life? Hypnocoaching is the perfect path for you.


As a professional coach I work with clients who are ready to move forward and bring their health, their careers, their relationships, and their lives to the next level. As differentiated from my other services like healing and counseling, coaching has specific and measurable goals. I ask questions and challenge perspectives so that my clients can discover their inner resources – talents, capacities, skills – and enable them to use these to the best of their ability.

Empowerment is my aim. I help clients develop self-esteem so that they stop being dependent on others and trust themselves to achieve their goals.

What makes this kind of coaching unique

Because I am a counselor, I bring my vast experiences in Counseling and Neuro-linguistic Programming in my coaching practice. So I use a specific range of linguistic skills such as targeted restatements and the limited and judicious use of powerful questions to help clients shift their perspectives on an issue or goal, and thereby discover different solutions and options and because I am intuitive, I can sense what is not being said and I help my clients recognize and articulate them.

Because I am a healer, I can challenge my clients in a non-threatening manner and in a trusting atmosphere.

These are some of the issues we can work on

Money and Financial Independence. Job Satisfaction and Career Fulfillment. Weight Loss and Physical Fitness.Emotional Health and Feeling Great.Relationship Issues and Successful Marriage.Self-confidence and Life Direction.

What I expect

I expect to empower you so that you improve your live and the lives of people you love by giving you the tools to increase your performance.

To increase your performance, you need to have confidence and motivation.

Performance therapy is all about building confidence, creating focus, framing and re-framing past experience using Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). Neuro refers to our senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, tasting) which form our experiences. Linguistic refers to the processes that develop our personal language – our thought processes and our scripts. Programming is an approach that aligns these experiences and messages to our values and goals in life.

Using the technique of NLP and the power of hypnosis, a skilled hypnotherapist is able to anchor these suggestions deeply into the subconscious mind. Clients can, at their discretion, utilize these techniques to maximize their performance at will.

Structure of hypnocoaching

Hypnocoaching is structured in a way that facilitates better learning and growth for each individual. The first session which lasts around 2 hours allows us a better idea of your needs and your desires. After that, we can talk on the phone every week for 30 minutes, which includes an assessment of what happened since the last talk. We will then determine the goals and plans for the coming week.

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In general, a session with Margit Cathrine - whether hypnocoaching, hypnotherapy, counseling, spiritual healing, EFT, or NLP - is a big step towards your personal empowerment.
Each session is a step in your journey to greater self-discovery and self-awareness. Each session takes your closer to your goals in life. Each session is a sign of you taking personal responsibility your life and your success. Specifically, Having Margit as your HypnoCoach:
1.       Offers you additional support through life and daily obstacles
2.       Provides her a way to work with you on an ongoing basis
3.       Enables you to see opportunities you may not have seen otherwise.

HypnoCoaching is very flexible and less expensive than traditional weekly sessions.


For Hypnocoaching to take its desired effect, it is imperative that my clients are highly motivated in whatever they want to improve on in their lives to maximize whatever performances be it in sports or their career or personal life. The level of my clients’ personal best is immaterial. All my clients have one thing in common - a drive to maximize their performance on a consistent basis.

commitment for hypnocoaching

Hypnocoaching clients are expected to:

a. make a commitment of three months,
b. sign a contract that obliges them to complete “homework” between weekly phone sessions
c. show dedication to prove that they want to achieve their highest potential


The cost of going through hypnocoaching is not an expense but an investment for your future and a cost-cutting measure. It will be more expensive if the blocks to your success are not removed.

Before you sign on to the program you have to realize that you enter a Three-month commitment!

a. The first session lasts around 2 h and includes one MP3 download plus assignments. That session costs $300

b. The follow-up sessions are four sessions of 30 minutes each and the price of those four sessions altogether are $250 per month.

The total cost will vary depending on the needs of the client and will be determined as the process unfolds.

disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person