Understanding Reiki

Margit Cathrine Moller

As a Japanese approach to relaxation and the diminution of stress, Reiki also promotes healing and is carried out by the laying on of hands. The term itself is a word from Japanese which is in reference to Universal Life Energy.

The idea of Reiki has its foundation on an unseen life force energy that streams through us and gives us life. When your stream’s flow is of lesser magnitude, then the chances of getting sick or being stressed increase and when it is of a higher magnitude, then the chances of you getting sick are decreased and you are more likely to be happy and healthy

Reiki helps to bring the delicate energies within our body to equilibrium by prompting the body’s instinctive capacity to recover, become better and keep up a pleasant physical and mental wellness. This easy and understandable non-obtrusive healing method functions with the higher self of the person who receives it to advance the persons entire being. This doubtlessly makes it a method of achieving and advancing completeness in mind, body and spirit.

The Benefits of Reiki

There are many benefits of Reiki healing. Reiki generates relaxation that extends far and assists the body in the discharging of pressure and apprehensions or strains. It also hastens the self healing capabilities of the body and assists in better sleep which in turn can decrease the blood pressure. In the same way reiki can be of assistance in case of severe abrasions and persisting situations such as asthma, eczema, and headaches and when one wants to be free of enslaving habits that people become dependant on.

Reiki can help to ease aches, eliminate energy obstructions and alter the flow of energy in the endocrine system thus enabling the body to achieve equilibrium and agreement. Reiki can help the body to purge itself from contaminants while decreasing the ill effects of drugs. It will aid the body in restoration from drug therapy following a surgical procedure or chemotherapy and will help boost the immune system

Other Reiki benefits include boosting one’s energy while helping to slow the aging process, increasing the frequentness of vibrations in the body and aiding spiritual advancement and emotional clearing.