The Human Body’s Natural Healing Capacity
by/margit cathrine moller

Our body is a complex, amazing, and mysterious creation of God. Despite modern science and futuristic medicine, there is still so much to discover about our physical self. However, common sense and ancient wisdom have taught us something that the science of modern medicine always forgets – our body has a natural capacity to heal itself.

Most of the symptoms are actually healing mechanisms of the body. The diarrhea is way of releasing the toxins in your stomach fast. Fever is a sign that the body is heating up to fight an infection. Your skin will naturally recover itself after a wound. You throw up anything that the body rejects from your system.

Our bodies can also heal others. Your body’s warmth can help someone else who is suffering from hypothermia. The mother’s milk is the best vaccination for her child. Your embrace comforts a person in grief. Your touch improves the circulation of a child.

How can you access or maximize the body’s healing capacity:

a. Listen to your body. It speaks of several languages – your itching, your headaches, your heartbeat, your blood pressure, your sugar levels – these are messages from the body. Listen. Do not ignore. Enter into a dialogue with your body. What is your body trying to tell you?

b. Obey and respect your body. Your body tells you its own limit. When your eyes are dropping while you are driving – get some sleep or a nap. When your head is aching because of work. Stop working, at least for while, until the body regains its balance. When your heart cannot beat normally because you are overweight, change your diet. When you are coughing because of smoking, stop smoking. Your body is complaining. Heed.

c. Nurture your body. The body works like a machine with intricate parts. Feed it well with the right fuel. If a car should run on premium gas and you use diesel, the machine will break down. The same way, if your body is not given the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs, it will break down. Allow the best to rest. Sleeping is one of the body’s best repair and maintenance functions.

d. Seek help. Your body is not designed to operate alone. That is why you long for an embrace, a human touch, or a good sexual experience with people you love. When it is seek, there are healers who can help you summon your natural capacity. There are healers, who because of their voice, their touch, their physical presence, transmit healing energies to your body and awaken your own.

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