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Spiritual Healing of the Body

Margit Cathrine Moller

Let me begin this blog with an invitation to silence. By that I mean not the absence of noise, but an internal disposition that allows you to remain still and undisturbed despite the sounds and noise around you. You will notice that when you are in silence, you become one with yourself, you become whole.

Those who grow in up in Christian tradition speaks of the concept of original sin. But before there was an original sin, there was an original blessing: the gift of life in its fullness.

You are not a fragmented being. We, humans, are designed to be whole, and this wholeness is what makes us both healthy, holy and well – this state where our body, our spirit, and our mind move in one direction: to achieve our full potential as a human being. Any experience of brokenness, of fragmentation, of imbalance will cause a dis-ease of the body. To be whole again, we need to regain this balance, repair this brokenness, and reconnect this fragmentation.

And this is what I do with spiritual healing. I bring to the present an ancient tradition used in various cultures all over the world. Healing is a loving energy, a life force, being transferred from the healer to the person in need. This life force, this energy, is strong enough to dissolve any blockage in the physical self, and repair any imbalance in the spiritual self.