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Past Life Regression Hypnosis-what is it?

Margit Cathrine Moller

Past life regression hypnosis is an internal spiritual matter and one could consider it while going through the healing process. Lately several different programmes covering past life regression hypnosis have been shown on television. If your body and mind are experiencing pain and suffering, Past Life Regression hypnosis can be a way that can bring you answers to why you are dealing with those issues in your life.

What exactly is a past life regression hypnosis?

Past life regression hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that guides an individual in his or her past life/lives. Although these facts and figures may not seem valid with any strict proofs that prove the final results but still the past life regression hypnosis have really proved well in knowing about individuals lives well which helps in knowing and timely removing the past life hurdles which may exploit the present life on a person.

Past life regression hypnosis allows to investigate in one’s previous lifetime experiences. It is obvious that not everyone could have been Hitler or Cleopatra in their past life. It should be mentioned that many people do not believe on the Past Life Regression hypnosis however it can be very suitable in achieving knowledge regarding how to deal with the life you are in. The past life experience can bring understanding wherefore lots can be learnt from those past life experiences. There are many different levels or reality in Past life regression hypnosis like:

1. Overall life line- this deals with aspects like- what happened? What will happen in future? It is not exactly the future but a present and a past.

2. The individual information- is another lever of past life regression hypnosis which provide specific information about the construct like- what catches his/ her attention, what makes him/ her stand out, event, countryside etc.

3. The generic information- it is important level of reality information about the construct i.e. - what, who, when, where etc.

4. Specific information- the more you collect the information of the construct the more details you get of that construct about his/ her associated actual life.