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Move Away from Depression

Margit Cathrine Moller

Maybe because of the climate, the economy, the political turmoil, the natural disasters, or the fact that our lives have become sedentary and isolated., but here is a growing epidemic of depression today.

Sir Winston Churchill referred to it as his “black dog” – a testament that depression excuses no one. Over 120 million people all over the world are affected by it, thus making depression a leading cause of disability, job failures, divorce and separation, and others.

While therapy and counseling are proven methods to cure depression, there are ways to avoid it. There are natural steps which when part of your routine are

1. Live an active lifestyle. The government is planning to implement an Adult Tax Fitness Credit Program to encourage people to move and be more active in fitness and sports activities. Exercises release hormones which make people feel good. Make sure that it includes aerobic exercises. It releases endorphins and a good way to release stresses. Walk around the village or choose a beach or lakefront trail. Walking works wonders. However, I must recommend that you talk to your doctor first as you might have a physical condition that needs better fitness planning.

2. Eat a balanced diet. Food affects our hormones. So you need a good dose of Omega-3 fatty acids daily to activate those neurons in your brain. If you don’t want to use those supplements, make sure that you eat natural food like fish, fruits, and vegetables.

3. Get some real sleep. Make a regular sleeping hour so that sleeping becomes part of your body’s routine. Remove the TV from your bedroom so avoid temptation. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Do some breathing exercises. Remember a tired body and quiet mind are necessary of a good sleep.

4. Get out with friends. Keep it simple and fun, no need to talk about your problems. Just watch a movie, walk in the park, visit a museum, do some communal gardening, or share a coffee. Engage with others to avoid feeling isolated. And no, a Facebook chat is not a substitute.

5. Meditate! Make sure you cleanse your thoughts daily. Negative thoughts create negative energies. You can download some meditation techniques and it doesn’t take so much of your time but the benefits are endless.

I usually provide my clients with a combination of these activities so that they are empowered enough to prevent depression from setting in.