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Journal Writing as an Instrument for Healing

Margit Cathrine Moller

Gary Craig, who developed EFT, once said that everyone is a healer. Even patients and clients, when they participate in their healing process, become healers. Everyone has a life force that is the healing power within the self, and everyone is fountain of wisdom. But how can we access these powers within?

I am constantly researching for tools and instruments that can aid in the healing process. One of these is an age-old tradition called journal writing, which is really a simple process of keeping notes of your experiences, insights, dreams, feelings, and even your questions.

Wouldn’t it be great, for example, if you can see a pattern of your feelings and thoughts? Or if you have a way of knowing how many times a particular dream repeats in your sleep? Don’t you think it will be helpful if you have a record of the exact time when your sadness began? That is the gift of having a journal.

In other words, keeping a journal harnesses your power to mine into successively deeper layers of your subconscious mind while it provides a creative way of releasing your tensions – by writing, drawing, or simply doodling in your journal.

Journaling is a tool for creativity, imagination, joy, and all elements of the spirit. And you will realize that once you dig enough into your unconscious, you will find your treasures within.

As they say, those who keep journals know that the fountain of personal wisdom is as close as their nearest pen.