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Hypnosis and Sexual Confusion

Margit Cathrine Moller

Let me get this straight. Sexual confusion, at least in the context of this blog entry, does not refer to people who have made a choice to live a gay lifestyle. It refers to a mental condition of some people who think of themselves as being of the opposite sex, i.e. male who think of themselves as females and vice versa. Gay men are fully aware that they are men, they might have illusions of being female, but they do not think of themselves as women. They are men who choose a lifestyle.

Sexual confusion is listed in International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ISCD) of the World Health Organization. It is more known as gender identity disorder (GID) to describe persons who experience significant gender dysphoria (discontent with the biological sex they were born with). It is a psychiatric classification and describes the attributes related to transgenderism.

In my own practice, men and women with GID act and present themselves as members of the opposite sex. The disorder may affect self-concept, choice of sexual partners, choice of careers, and public behaviors. The negative feelings often involved inner discontentment, pain, anger, and shame. Sometimes, histories of parental dissatisfactions, school bullying, and public humiliation can damage self-esteem and add to the sexual confusion.

This is where hypnosis plays a major role. These confusion and these past experiences are often repressed which lead to a lack of self-awareness. Hypnosis provides a safe and effective process for patients to reclaim these factors so that their present decision-making are well-informed. Hypnosis releases the negative emotions as well, so that the patient will experience clarity and make a personal decision based on his or her values and goals in life.

What about you? Did you ever experience sexual confusion at some point in your life? How did you overcome it? Do you know anyone who has an obvious case of sexual confusion? What are done to help them?