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How to control temper through deep breathing

Margit Cathrine Moller

“Tempers flare as debt-limit deadline nears.” “Carmageddon: Tempers flare as 405 Freeway shuts down.” “Tempers flare as Goldeyes' bats cool‎.” “Tempers flare at Elizabeth Warren hearing‎.”

Tempers always make it to the headlines. They also cause headaches and heartaches. Oftentimes, marriages are broken, people get hurt, jobs are sacrificed and lives are endangered simply because people cannot control their tempers.

Temper is oftentimes referred to as the inner beast inside all people that when awakened can cause havoc. This beast comes in a range of difficult and heated emotions – from irritability to anger to rage. And there are people whose inner beasts have become untamed, and they lose control of these emotions.

But all beasts can be tamed, in the same way that all tempers can be controlled. And most simple, most common, the cheapest, and the safest way to control tempers is by doing something that should come to us naturally – deep breathing.

Just try it. Breathe deeply. Notice how your belly expands and depletes as you inhale and exhale. You will notice that after a few seconds, the calmness begins to take over. Breathing is a technique used by ancient masters to remain calm, focused and free.

But deep breathing is technique that should be practiced every day. That is why some people spend at least twenty minutes of their time doing meditation so that the body develops a natural capacity to breathe deeply.

So, just imagine how peaceful the world is, if everyone, including Presidents and army generals, will take time to breathe deeply. Then, tempers won’t make it anymore to the headlines.