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Healing Wounds in Life

Margit Cathrine Moller

In the realm of physical wound, it is called cicatrisation, is an intricate process in which the skin (or another organ-tissue) repairs itself after injury. It is a wonderful reminder that the human body has the innate capacity to heal itself.

But if the body can do that, how much more the mind and the soul? The soul has a natural capacity to heal and yet we do not tap this gift. The mind has a natural capacity to heal and yet we do not often experience this.

It is because most of us do not know the workings of the mind and the soul. And how these aspects of the self can bring integration and transformation.

What are the essential ingredients of healing?

1. An acknowledgment of the wound. Yes, some people go through life in a state of Denial. They don’t own and acknowledge that they have been abused or traumatized. Without this ownership, no healing happens.

2. A desire for healing. It has to be a deep desire to be healed.

3. A belief that healing will happen. In the Catholic tradition, a prayer is said before communion: Lord, I am not worthy but only say the word and I SHALL BE HEALED. Such is the power of faith.

4. An experience of a good process that facilitates healing. This may include counseling, therapy, spiritual healing and others. Professionals are trained to make healing happen. They seek ways to help a person go explore the mind and the soul in order to tap our natural healing capacity.