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EFT and Psychosomatic Illnesses: The Simple Fact

Margit Cathrine Moller

While several people call it a hoax, a baseless, pointless therapy, others call EFT the almost perfect therapy.

I think the main reason why some people frown at Emotional Freedom Therapy is because it is simple and drug free. It will threaten the whole drug industry. Other’s question the validity of this therapy because they think that anything that is fast and simple is fraud. Well, that is not true. Healing doesn’t have to be an ultra-complicated, very expensive process that requires countless of tests, experiments, and medications. There are times when it is as simple as freeing yourself from the emotions that cause these pains and illnesses.

There are two ways we can free and release these emotions: mental and physical. By mental, I mean going through such processes such as hypnosis that allows the mind to reclaim the memories and reframe them. By physical, I mean really touching the parts of the body where the emotions are possibly stored and release them, because emotions are stored as physical energies.

But based on my years of experience as a healer, it’s logic is simple. There are many chronic diseases that are connected to or caused by our negative emotions. No matter how often we go to surgery, treatments and medications, the illness will recur if the emotions are not released. That is where EFT comes in. So, it is simple as that.