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EFT and Depression

Margit Cathrine Moller

In one television show, Dr. Carol Look, an EFT practitioner and the author of Attracting Abundance with EFT, demonstrated something that raised the eyebrows of those who are in the psychiatric profession. She proposed that EFT can be used in the treatment of depression by tapping areas of the body that releases negative thoughts.

In her demonstration, she said to start tapping at the side of your palm to introduce EFT to your body. Then tap at the beginning of your eyebrow, at side and inner eye. And then tap under the nose, chin, collarbone, under the arm. She said to end at the top of the head where 100 acupuncture points in the body meet. Positive ideas should be uttered while tapping those meridian points to release negative thoughts. She recommended doing the tapping for ten minutes.

Yes, I fully agree with her. EFT can be used in the treatment of depression simply by releasing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive, life-giving ones.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is based on the ancient Chinese acupuncture by tapping meridians in our body without the needle to release emotional disruptions in your body’s energy. Meridians are energy “super highways” that carry impulses of energy and informations, clearing these congestions on the energy flow will results to natural healing.

But, as a practitioner of EFT, I do believe that the success of using EFT depends on one’s motivation; if one is eager to release those depressive thoughts then it will be done. Remember, when it comes to processing information the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind.