Consulting Hypnotists For Financial Stress
by/margit cathrine moller

Major news outlets reported earlier this year that hypnotists across the country have seen an increase of clients seeking help with increased financial stress. Although smoking cessation, weight control and stress have always been the most common reasons people go to hypnotist’s offices, things have changed with the economy downing.

According to the Wall Street Journal columnist, Mary Pilon, reporting in that newspaper’s financial section, this nationwide increase in hypnosis clients occurred primarily in the financial centers such as Wall Street, but also has spread across the country to include average citizens as well, not just the traders, brokers and other financial professionals.

Local Consulting Hypnotist, Margit Cathrine Moller, C.Ht., verifies that there has definitely been an increase in clients seeking relief from the stress caused by their personal financial situations. Many clients simply want to stop smoking to save money spent on cigarettes, while others need hypnotic help to start thinking more positively, and to help reduce their financial stress.

Miles away from the major financial centers, consulting hypnotists still have seen an increase in clients who need to adapt their life styles to accommodate a change in income, or have other personal problems resulting from the economic downturn.

“Hypnosis is not a magic wand, but simply a way of helping clients adjust their thinking, change their behaviors, and ultimately achieve their personal goals,” according to Dr. Dwight Damon, president of the 12,000 member National Guild of Hypnotists. “We work with ordinary, everyday people for ordinary, everyday problems, and financial stress certainly fits into that spectrum.

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