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Benefits of Regression

Margit Cathrine Moller

Remember that Oprah episode in which Dr. Mehmet Oz introduced Dr. Brian Weiss and the whole concept of past-life regression? Dr. Weiss uses hypnosis to allow his clients to reclaim memories and together they examine those experiences that serve as the root causes for present-day fears and traumas. Dr. Weiss says that you can only conquer your fear if you connect it to your past.

That is true, and more. Regression has more benefits aside from making your fears and trauma powerless. Regression therapy is primarily about revisiting events from the past which, if left unresolved, hinder our growth and empowerment. It allows us to reframe these experiences in order to bring healing.

Remember that our mind is designed to survive. Any event or experience that wounds our ego will be hidden in order to protect us from remembering the pain always. But being hidden doesn’t mean the event is resolved. This is what regression does to client. Now that he or she is an adult, he or she has the inner resources to deal with trauma or painful experiences and work on resolving them. What is important is to release the self from the binding powers of these traumas.

The result then of a good regression is inner freedom. The past ceases to have complete control over you, so you are free to create and define your future according to your wishes and heart’s desires. Love, not fear, will find a way of defining your existence,

The benefit is immeasurable and cannot be limited. Self-empowerment and inner freedom may result to better performance, loving relationships, better family life, recovery from compulsive and addictive behaviors, physical healing, elimination of recurring nightmares, weight loss, better sleep, and so on and so forth.

As a counselor and therapist, one of the best gifts is seeing a client discover that aside from pain, hidden memories carry with them creative energies, paving the way for magical transformations.