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Being Healthy With Reiki

Margit Cathrine Moller

The powerful symbol underneath is known as Cho Ku Rei, meaning “Place the power of the universe here” and is used by Reiki practitioners to direct energy to the physical body. Now, imagine if your tired and sick body receives the pure, abundant, undeniable energy of the universe. This is what Reiki can do to bring healing. energies freely flow in our body, it is like a clean river where crystal clear water flows freely. Life blooms abundantly and supports the other life forms around it. If we are living a healthy life, we can take care of the people we love and become productive in our work.

Reiki therapy helps in making the energies in our body flow freely by opening the energy channels and allowing the body to deal naturally with stress and toxins caused by our diets, our environment, or our negative emotions. If practiced over a long period of time, Reiki restores the general condition of the body, thus restoring its natural ability to fight diseases and it innate capacity to heal itself. Think of Wolverine in X-Men without the mutation.

For those who are in medical treatment or going through recovery, Reiki complements by providing energy required by the body to recover from illness. For those who are using alternative treatments like meditation, herbal medicine, aroma therapy, or homeopathy, Reiki reinforces their effects on your body.

Whether used as wellness maintenance or as treatment complement, Reiki brings healing by the touch of the hands, allowing the flow of the energy from a limitless source (God Force) to the patient.

And just like the river’s flowing water, it is gentle yet very powerful.