A growing acceptance of EFT in Toronto

Margit Cathrine Moller

As an approach to healing and therapy for the city’s population, EFT in Toronto is relatively young, but is now gaining popularity even among those who are not engaged in the healing profession. For example, Willard Bond of Safe and Sound Defensive Tactics, one of the city’s pioneers in women defense training incorporates EFT or emotional freedom technique as a tool to empower women.

Those of us who are pioneers in the practice of EFT in Toronto find this a very welcome development, especially after the initial resistance from the scientific community who questioned the validity of this modality as a scientific approach.

EFT therapists like me find this to be a very flexible, safe, and effective tool to remove the effects of the negative emotions stored in our body and to promote health and wellness. It can be used practically for anything – as a supplement for counseling; as a complement to traditional medicine, as a form of relaxation and stress management, and even in building self-esteem among men and women.

EFT in Toronto has still a long way to go. But we find comfort in knowing that despite objections from other conventionally-trained therapists, EFT has been known to help people recover from deep trauma, addiction, and phobia.