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Why Choose Hypnotherapy for Weight Control?

Margit Cathrine Moller

Put very simply, the benefits of choosing to have a “virtual” gastric band, through hypnosis, rather than the surgery required to fit a physical band, are as follows: • No risk of complications from surgery • No waiting lists for hospital appointments • Guaranteed acceptance • No long recovery times and no need to put the rest of your life on hold • No need for anaesthetics or other drugs • No pian or discomfort • Much lower cost than elective surgery

Advantages towards a bigger step to look healthier are:
• Cost-effective
• No inconveniences
• No intrusive medical procedure
• No fears about having surgery

How Does it Work?

All of the benefits listed above should be self-evident and you could be forgiven for thinking “sounds too good to be true”. However, once you are aware of some of the ways in which hypnosis and hypnotherapy work, you will see that the results can be just as effective as an invasive physical procedure.

Weight gain occurs, for the vast majority of people, through an imbalance in the ratio of calories in versus calories out. Losing that unwanted weight can be incredibly challenging for most of us as each person is unique in their relationship to relationship to food. In addition, some people seem to need far fewer calories than others in order to supply their body’s needs, which was great news when we were hunter gatherers facing periods of starvation but is no longer desirable now that we have such a wide variety of food available to us, in unlimited quantities.

Aside from the simple physical triggers that tell us we are hungry, we receive countless messages from our conscious and unconscious minds around the desirability of eating. We often seek comfort from emotional distress through consuming certain foods, and many people report feelings of addiction or unbearable cravings for the foods we know we need to avoid if we want to lose weight.

Our minds and brains are incredibly powerful, and when we are able to train our brains to only give us the messages we really want to act upon, the rest becomes relatively easy. Hypnotherapy does just that.

Following a session of Gastric Band Hypnosis your mind and brain will generate different, healthier thought patterns. Through the use of various techniques, including deep relaxation, your therapist can help you to re-program your unconscious mind so that it “knows” that your stomach is satisfied by much smaller portions. You will remain conscious and in control throughout the session as you are given suggestions and positive thought processes that will over-ride your self-sabotaging behaviour when it comes to eating. Hypnosis allows us to reprogram unwanted responses and thought patterns. You will no longer feel helpless in the face of cravings for unhealthy foods laden with fats or sugar. Instead, your unconscious and subconscious minds will exert a positive influence over your conscious mind, allowing you to make the right choices and to take the necessary actions that will lead to weight loss.

If you are seriously considering undergoing a physical procedure in order to help you to lose unwanted weight, then you are certainly an excellent candidate for a Hypno Gastric Band. As with any form of behaviour change, the initial impetus must start with the person who desires the change. We all know that giving up an addiction starts with a desire to feel differently, to behave differently, and to reap the benefits from the changes. Losing weight is no different. Put simply, if you really do want to lose excess weight a Hypno Gastric Band can help you to achieve your goal.