What Is Gastric Band Hypnosis?

Margit Cathrine Moller

With obesity increasing worldwide, research is underway to find a suitable solution. Those who are overweight need to shed the excess weight over time, scientifically, and at a steady pace. How can it be possible? While a number of diets and exercise regimes can help you, but won't it be fantastic if you could find something unique yet effective to help you on the road to weight loss! One such interesting option gaining popularity in the modern world is Gastric Band Hypnotic Procedure.

Gastric band is a surgical process that places restrictive device in the upper region of stomach. This creates a small pouch capable of holding certain food amounts bringing down the instances of binge eating, as the stomach feels fuller even with small meals. Even though the results of the surgery have been more or less successful, the undesirable side effects mar the sense of jubilation for the patients. Common problems the patients face are food regurgitation and nausea. This coupled with long waiting for surgery, expensive price tag, and strict eligibility criteria have forced people to look for alternatives to surgery. Hypnotherapy has emerged as a viable option in this regard.

What is Gastric Band hypnotherapy?

Gastric Band Hypnotic Procedure is the combination of hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) The technique is a way to convince the clients that they are already fitted with a gastric band and change their food habit in accordance. Now, there are no more worries regarding the associated costs, side effects, risks, and fears. You don't need to undergo surgery to experience the associated benefits! Could anything be better!

The treatment

Hypnotic therapy simulates gastric band surgical procedure in your mind. This convinces you to change your eating habit to what you would have actually done, had you undergone the procedure for real. The actual techniques related to Gastric Band Hypnosis depend upon your hypnotherapist. It address is psychological and emotional issues which got you to overeat in the first place. The positive changes that it brings sustained through the years long after the first effects of hypnotherapy wears off.

The procedure

Hypnotherapists use various effects to mimic real surgical procedures as use of smell and sound to create an authentic experience. Practitioners usually take their patients to heightened relaxed state where they become more receptive. The aim is to access the subconscious and get it to follow the desired directions once the session ends!