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Use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Margit Cathrine Moller

Are you ready to quit smoking for good? Have you tried to stop, using willpower alone? Are you open to new experiences? If you are wondering whether a Hypnosis session can really help you to stop smoking, the answer is an unequivocal “yes, it can”.

How Does it Work?

Hypnotherapy involves accessing your unconscious mind and sending it messages and suggestions. If you feel anxious about your ability to stop smoking just consider how many things you, and your body, do without even thinking about them. You don’t go to sleep at night worrying that you will “forget” to breathe do you? And you do not have to send messages down your neural pathways to your heart to keep on beating. This is because your autonomic nervous system is working to keep everything going, without you having to think about it.

You may not realize it but at some point, you gave your unconscious the message that smoking was a good thing for you to do. The more you obeyed this message the deeper the neural pathway you created became, until your thoughts ran along easily and seemingly without any input from you.

Hypnotherapy works to create new neural pathways in your brain, replacing the old ones that you want to get rid of with new ones that bring you the benefits you want. There is no doubt that this is what happens when you willingly participate in a hypnotherapy session and the science is there to prove it. We can re-program our brains by accessing the unconscious parts of our minds and allowing them to send new signals to our conscious minds, thus influencing our behaviour.

If you approach your hypnotherapy session with an open mind, and have a desire to change your thought patterns you will succeed in changing your behaviour. Any form of hypnosis is unlikely to work if you have been forced to attend by someone else, so just be clear in your own mind that you want this thing for you, not to please anyone else.

What to Expect

To begin with, your therapist will probably ask you some questions about your general health and lifestyle. They may also want to communicate with you so that they can decide whether you are a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner. In other words, do you like to create pictures and images in your mind or do you prefer to hear sounds or recall the feelings of your senses? In truth, most of us are a good mixture of all three modalities.

Your therapist will take you into a state of deep relaxation, or “trance”. They will do this using only words. A hypnotherapy session is completely non-invasive. You will remain aware of everything around you during this trance, and you will be in total control the whole time. However, you will feel so relaxed that your conscious mind will become quiet and your unconscious will be receptive to the suggestions and messages it receives.

During this time, you will re-program your brain and mind so that it replaces the neural pathways that have been built around the “good” reasons for smoking with new ones. The new neural pathways may include strong messages to deter you from smoking along with powerful suggestions that show you all of the positive benefits of quitting.

If you are ready to quit smoking for good book a session today. After all, what have you got to lose?.