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The Difference Between Reiki Healing and Spiritual Healing

Margit Cathrine Moller

Enlightened people who want to explore alternative paths towards healing and wellness oftentimes stumble into terms that can be confusing – such as Reiki and spiritual healing. While both are alternative modes of treatment, both harness the energies, and both depends on a healer who serves as channel, there are main differences between the two.

“We look at them as brothers or sisters of the same family. They carry shared genetic characteristics, but they also have their own unique qualities as well,” said Cathrine Moller, a Canada-based healer who practices both Reiki and Spiritual healing.

Where they learn the technique?

Reiki practitioners need to undergo a special training with certification. In those trainings, they learn the various philosophies, techniques and rituals which are part of the practice. On the other hand, spiritual healers are oftentimes intuitive who consider it as a gift to become instruments of healing. They don’t really have to go through training – it is as if they are handed a special tool for them to do spiritual healing.

How they connect with energies?

Reiki practitioners undergo a 'connection ritual' to establish a strong and consistent connection to the source. Spiritual healers have their own way of accessing this energy. In other words, Reiki practitioners go through a prescribed process of connecting with energies while spiritual healers follow their personal process based on their experience and inspiration.

Attunement is achieved by both.

What are their beliefs?

Most spiritual healers have other esoteric beliefs like moving to an astral plane or channeling via other medium. These beliefs are not imposed on the patient but might be talked about. Reiki is based on ancient Oriental philosophies which a patient should understand and accept.

How do they treat?

Again, Reiki has a prescribed process which involves a patient lying down. Spiritual healers do not have a prescribed form but will follow the circumstances and need of the moment.

Reiki also uses symbols as part of healing, used both in the connection rituals (‘attunements’), and used when treating patients in order to give more conscious control of the energy they are working. Spiritual healers are not known to use symbols.