Positive thinking - a practice to change the world
by/Margit Cathrine moller

Global Warming, Climate Change, Economic Recession, Middle East Unrest, Political Turmoil……………the list continues. It seems that after couple of years BBC will start their news headlines like that “this is xyz, and you are watching”! But isn’t there any solution? Isn’t there any way to get rid of these? Isn’t there any path which leads towards peace? Yes! There is.

Once a poet said “I smile like flower which smiles in the hell” No! Our mother Earth has not become like a hell yet. There are a lot of Positive things here. Let’s focus on Positive things, because “Being Positive” is the one and only way to get rid of all the problems we have not only in social life but also in personal life. But how the practice of positive thinking can solve the problems?

Transcendental Meditation and the TM- Sidhi programs including Yogic Flying are unique in the history of conflict resolution both in theory and effectiveness. The theory is that international conflicts, terrorism and crime are consequences of stress in collective consciousness (the holistic level of society that rises from and defines the quality of life in the population). The solution is simple. A group of Yogic Flyers, through their daily practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program which include focusing on positive things in the respective areas, producing coherence in collective consciousness and dissolving collective stress -- thereby neutralize the basis of all conflict and violence. The solution seems too simple yet the effectiveness has been demonstrated successfully in over 50 scientific studies without exception. The results suggest that long term implementation of the groups will have a major impact on terrorism and international conflict worldwide.

International Peace Project in the Middle East - This prospective social experiment tests a new theory and technology for alleviating violent conflict through reducing societal stress in an underlying field of "collective consciousness." It was predicted that group practice of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field (the Transcendental meditation and TM-Sidhi programs) during August and September, 1983, in Jerusalem, would reduce stress in the collective consciousness and behavior of Israel and Lebanon. Box-Jenkins ARIMA impact assessment, cross-correlation, and transfer function analyses were used to study the effects of changes in the size of the group on several variables and composite indices reflecting (a) the quality of life in Jerusalem (automobile accidents, fires, and crime), (b) the quality of life in Israel (crime, stock market, and national mood, derived from news content analysis), and (c) the war in Lebanon (war deaths of all factions and war intensity, derived from new content analysis). Increases in the size of the group had a statistically significant effect in the predicted direction on the individual variables and on all composite quality-of -life indices. The effects of holidays, temperature, weekends and other forms of seasonality were explicitly controlled and could not account for these results. Cross-correlations and transfer functions indicated that the group had a leading relationship to change on the quality-of-life indicators, supporting a causal interpretation. Auto accidents, fires, crimes, and war deaths (decreased 75% at largest point of group) showed a significant decrease as the numbers of the group increased.

Let’s see the effects of practicing positive thinking in personal life. When we have negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and dislike or hate, or think negative thoughts such as ‘I hate my job,’ ‘I don’t like so and so’ or ‘Who does he think he is?’ we experience stress and our energy reserves are redirected.

This causes a portion of our energy reserves, which otherwise would be put to work maintaining, repairing and regenerating our complex biological systems, to instead confront the stresses these negative thoughts and feelings create.

In contrast, when we activate the power of positive thinking and intentionally have sincere feelings such as appreciation, care and love, we allow our hearts’ electrical energy to work for us. Consciously choosing a core heart feeling over a negative one means instead of the drain and damage stress causes to our bodies’ systems, we are renewed mentally, physically and emotionally. The more we do this the better we’re able to ward off stress and energy drains in the future. Heartfelt positive feelings fortify our energy systems and nourish the body at the cellular level.

So let’s focus on positive aspects of life.

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