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Never call people bad names

Margit Cathrine Moller

Most of us want to find a partner to share our lives with. When we finally fall in love and commit to a relationship that we believe will last us to old age, we have expectations that we will act together to realize our dreams. Inevitably though, every couple will experience relationship difficulties. Not only that all the relationships-relationship between parents and children, brother and sister, colleagues, boss and employees, friends sometimes get into turmoil. But why?

According to Canadian Psychological Society most common reasons for relationship crisis are not the financial or social ones, these are behavioral! So to maintain healthy relationships in personal and professional life we need to focus on our behavior. And one of the worst behavioral mistakes is calling people’s bad name. Never call people bad names as what you say will most often not be forgotten. And if so it will create a relationship crisis.

You should not call people bad names because it makes you look worse than it makes them look. It takes strength of character to rise above the behaviors of others and respond in a way that will reflect well upon you. Also, you will reflect later on your actions and will probably not feel good about yourself for having said mean things to someone.

Calling people bad name is such a bad manner that not only creates relationship crisis but also reflects one’s weakness. In professional life rush of blood and resentment can make a permanent damage to your career. People call people bad names either because they're mad at themselves or they're jealous. These people either have mental problems or they are bullies, but mostly people that call bad names are bullies.

Let’s make an effort to get rid of this worst behavioral misdeed as well as to focus on creating healthy relationships even with strangers.