Mindscaping - Artful Insight, Inner Healing, Self Exploration
by/Margit Cathrine moller

Have you ever felt that you are not living to your full potential?

How about feeling that you have a bigger, better purpose than the place in life you currently hold? Each and every single one of us experiences unnecessary stress, distracting and wasteful thoughts, and we play victim to rogue emotions, in one form or another. At the root of these daily afflictions are you. Whether conscious or unconscious, a reaction is caused in the form of your behaviour and emotional response. The problem lies in the fact that we forget. Key factors along the way are overlooked and hidden in one’s subconscious, and most of the time we cannot remember the things along the way that made us who and what we are. mindscaping leaps bounds ahead of conventional therapies, blending the best of all modern psychotherapy with the wisdom of the ages, as was well known by philosophers, healers, leaders and other pioneers of cognitive therapy throughout history.

Mindscaping is a therapeutic process which was long awaiting discovery. Since the inception of mindscaping, first developed by Dr. Mike Mandel, thousands of individuals have seen the benefits throughout all aspects of daily life. The therapy is capable of treating physical ailment as well. After all, at the root of every physical exhibition is a mental association hidden deep in unconscious thought. Those undergoing mindscaping have been relieved of chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, back pain, dental related issues, migraines and even cancer suffers have experienced relief. This revolutionary therapy holds application across all personality types and holds solutions for all negative experiences. The importance of an open, clear mind should not be underestimated. Our mind melds together countless factors in order to form the experience of our lives, and we only use a fraction of our capabilities. Creative genius and intuitive thought on all levels is possible for each one of us; mindscaping quick guides you towards that which you seek!

By exploring your unconscious mind through the practice of mindscaping via an inner map, stress levels are reduced, focus enhanced, intuition heightened, memory and creativity both increased. All this made possible through the rapid expansion of awareness that is triggered upon each session, and the proceeding ripple effect realized in day to day life following. Professional insights can be explored through our processes, possibly granting you the edge that you need in the business world. Your imagination is stimulated in a manner matching its natural flow, granting the furthest reach in the exploration of the mind and its hidden facets. This translates into growth in any area that you choose. mindscaping can help you along every step of the way.

Alpha brain state is the level of brain-body activity that falls within a frequency of seven to fourteen hertz. The brain is known to function within four basic frequency ranges, indicative of activity level. Alpha brain state is the optimal creative state that allows for connecting to your unconscious, this conventionally reached through meditation, light sleep and intuitive occurrences. mindscaping guides you naturally towards this alpha state which is viewed by much of the scientific community to be the brain’s optimal and natural operating state. Over years of inherent stress we seem to have shifted to living in a beta brain state, which is not how nature intended. Each and every time that you feel inspired you are tapping your alpha state, channeling your creative genius. Problem solving is enhanced through this flow of inspiration, as is your mood and focus. Your unconscious mind is a treasure-trove of fervor, zest and drive. Once you learn to tap your alpha mind, you will truly begin to see the benefits that mindscaping offers.

Mindscaping makes use of some aspects of NLP, and expands upon these greatly, granting unparalleled therapeutic use. One core focal point of mindscaping is Time Line Therapy. This revolutionary base component of the therapy, analyses past emotional responses and assists the process of releasing these constricting, regressive attachments. By doing so one opens oneself to a clear connection between thoughts and emotions, facilitating the creation of NOW exactly as you will it! Repression results in complete unawareness of how your emotional timeline affects you, affects your conscious creation process, leaving you victim to unconscious limiting reactions such as emotional outbursts, anxiety and indecisiveness. By using models from Time Line Therapy techniques, regressive associations can be eliminated, returning you to a healthy emotional state from which you can choose what is most beneficial for your growth.

Ericksonian hypnosis has a model based on the fact that each moment of each experience lived is filled with components that can be isolated and observed within altered states of perception. These altered states are accessed both consciously and unconsciously, all the time at every angle, at every moment within your awareness, forming your perception. Ericksonian hypnosis structure induces altered states at which choices can be observed not by means of suggestion or the imagination of forced places, things, and other emotional representations, but rather delves into those which occur naturally. By following the flow of your natural states and then using hypnosis to induce and explore these perceptions internally, mindscaping can guide you to a point of observation that grants the greatest realization, and thus the biggest beneficial impact on your life. Memory fails each and every single one of us. The techniques integrated into mindscaping from the processes detailed and proven through Ericksonian Hypnosis, allow you to open your awareness to memories that were hidden completely. Fresh perspective is discovered throughout all facets of life and due to the connected nature of associated thought the effects of this therapy are wide ranging!

Mindscaping combines many therapeutic techniques, crossing borders between therapies and presenting us with a total solution, an optimal process of mind and body healing from inner wisdom. Cognition is observed using a variety of models, one of such models is “The Cube”. “The Cube” personality typing system, official known as “The Cube of Heyman’s”, represents personalities using the structural basis of dimensions. Heyman’s Cube grants therapy insight into personality typing, utilizing a cube’s eight dimensional extremities. The human emotional response to something occurring immediately as opposed to working according to plan in the future, is weighed according to your emotional response and level of activity. This method of personality typing was first discovered and established as a pillar of cognition in the early 1900s, bridging the gap between ancient schools of psychology and modern therapy. A reliable form of personality identification, this fantastic archetypal form is used in conjunction with Jungian studies and symbolism to form the new basis of the breakthrough therapy, mindscaping.

No matter who you are, your life can be impacted for the better. Whether you feel that you are over analytical or too abstract and forgetful, mindscaping helps you find the keys to the doors holding back the complete you. Impulses can be understood and controlled, anger, depression and all other forms of anxiety released and in turn stress is eliminated. If you want to take control of your life, understand your emotions and harness the inner strength known too few, then mindscaping is an artful therapy perfectly suited to you!

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