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Hypnosis - healing emotional pain

Margit Cathrine Moller

Emotional pain is when there are no apparent scars seen but they are felt. Deep inside. It is caused by various reasons such as; deception, hopes being shattered, terrifying memories, loss of sense of security, poor relationships and difficulty in coping up at work.

Many people believe that physical pain can be cured by medicines but emotional pain is incurable or heals with time. This is a completely wrong perception.

A very effective way of healing emotional pain is ‘hypnosis’.

Hypnosis an artificially induced trance-like condition that is similar to sleep in which the subject is easily persuaded. The use of hypnosis in healing pain is said to be very efficient. It’s quite affordable and easy to do. Also, it gives several benefits at the same time with little or no harmful side effects.

You must now be wondering, how does it help in healing emotional pain? When under hypnosis, the subconscious mind becomes more alert and the conscious control of the mind is repressed. This way, it becomes easy to communicate with the subconscious side of the mind.

When under hypnosis, you welcome specific suggestions, for instance, the hypnotherapist can make you dislike your unhealthy behavior or negative perceptions and reinforce constant exercise of the new behavior and new perceptions.

Along with changing perceptions, it makes you think positively. It makes you find your inner peace and helps you calm down. And so, It can also be used to manage anger that also leads to emotional pain.

Ernest Hilgard proved in his experiment that hypnosis can change thinking and perceptions. He conducted an experiment in which he hypnotized a subject and told him not to feel pain. The other participant was not hypnotized. Ernest then asked them to put their arms in ice water. The non-hypnotized subject couldn’t keep his arm for long but the hypnotized managed to keep it for several minutes with out experiencing pain.

Hypnosis helps you relax by reducing heart rate and blood pressure . Thereby decreasing anger and anxiety- Two of the root causes of emotional pain.

It gives you a feeling of comfort and puts your mind at peace. This further helps you think and find clear solutions. Hence, it reduces other factors responsible for emotional pain such as; perplexity, nervousness or skepticism.

Hypnosis can also be used to diminish depression. For example; if something tragic happens in your life, you might undergo severe depression. Here, hypnosis can play a very important role in persuading your mind that whatever happened, happened for a reason and that you are very strong. This will make you find your inner strength also it will give you hope.

Clinical practices prove that it reduces pain and quickens healing. Along with this, it may lessen your need for medicine and enhance your psychological and physical condition prior to an operation.

Hypnosis is not just about a random person swinging his pendulum to and fro in front of you. It is a very compelling technique which helps heal emotional pain.