How to Set up Goals to be Successful
by/Margit Cathrine moller

You wouldn’t know you have arrived unless you know where you are going. That, in simple terms, is the importance of having goals towards success. Health, money, relationships – all these are marks of a successful life in general, but what is your own goal? What for you is a successful life?

Goal setting is, as we all know, an on-going and dynamic process. We make adjustments along the way. We change priorities in life. We face circumstances that push us to redefine our life directions. It is naturally an evolving pathway. We wanted fame, independence, freedom, creativity and all that stuff when we were young. Right after graduation, the world is full of potentials. There was so much to explore. So, we define our goals according to that premise. But when we reach midlife, our body is changing. The mind has accumulated so much experience to process. Our directions become more focused, more anchored, more real.

But no matter what stage you’re at or how old you are, it is always good to have goals that serve as a map for your journey.

To do that, try using the SMART goal formula, your goal should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. Create long term goals and break them down into smaller ones, make sure these goals can motivate you. Write down your goals and make an action plan on how and when you can achieve them. And make time to review those goals to keep you on track.

Picture yourself 5 – 10 years from now what you really want to achieve then set a goal that could lead you to that achievement. That way you will be motivated to work hard to reach that goal. Like for instance, you wanted to have your own home. Nowadays, building a house could cost you everything. Set a smaller aim, how about starting to save money from your monthly salary or cut down your monthly expenses for you to allocate budget in building a home. If you’re good in making business why not engaged in one, the additional income can contribute to your monthly savings. And it would be a step closer in realizing your dream.

Make time to assess if you are really reaching that goal. Do you have sufficient monthly savings in the bank as what you had planned? Or did you manage properly in cutting down on your monthly expenses? And is the business your into generating adequate income? If the answer is YES, then you will be building your own home on your targeted time.

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