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Healing is learning about the self

Margit Cathrine Moller

Healing starts with proper diagnosis. That is why doctors prescribed expensive tests before making a prognosis and prescribing a treatment. But what diagnosis really does it to gather information about the state of the body and all its various parts in order to see the actual reality. But we all how many millions of dollars were lost and countless of lives were sacrificed because of wrong diagnosis.

The problem with this healing paradigm is that we have become dependent on the opinion of others and of technology to tell us what is happening to our own body. This is contrary to logic. Each time we encounter a problem with a machine or any piece of equipment, we look at the owner’s manual. That should be the same perspective when it comes to our bodies. The owner’s manual is right there in our head – this is the amount of information we personally know about our bodies. What these include are:

a. Genetic – we should know the genetic type of our body. What are the common diseases in our family history? Which of these diseases are considered hereditary and therefore we are genetically pre-disposed?

b. History of diseases – what illnesses have we experienced about our past? What ills us? What heals? What emotions are attached to these illnesses? What memories are attached to these diseases?

c. Lifestyle – how does our lifestyle affect our health? Do you smoke or drink? Do you go out with toxic people? Do you spend your life in the pursuit of fitness and wellness?

d. Environment – How does your living and working environment affect your health and wellness? Do you live in a polluted city? Are there dusts that cause allergies? There are so many insights we can learn about how our body interacts with our present environment.

e. Attitudes towards the body – what is our attitude towards our body. Do we take care of it? Do we ignore the signs that our body is trying to tell us?

f. Attitude towards health and medicine in general – what is our general attitude towards health and medicine in general? Are we the kind who will keep the diseases to ourselves until we can’t take it anymore? Are we the paranoid kind who invents all sorts of diseases? Are the doctor-dependent type? Are we exploring other methods of healing ourselves?

Real and authentic healers and doctor should help us gain valuable insights about ourselves. These insights will help us not only in dealing with treatment and interventions, but they will help us make decisions about the changes we need to do in order to prevent diseases and illnesses.