Real People Talk About Margit Cathrine Want to have a better idea of what goes on in sessions with Margit Cathrine? She believes in letting her clients speak for themselves. We invite you to review the following letters to become more familiar with Margit and her work.

Testimonials Concerning Margit Cathrine’s Healing Techniques:

My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia in April 2012. He has since been hospitalized once for over a month and has been on many anti-pychotic medications. After seeing Cathrine starting in June 2013 and using many of her amazing therapies especially Beam Therapy, he has lost 30 lbs and is able to talk through many of the many delusions he experienced. He has also gone down to using only one medication at a low dose.

I highly recommend Cathrine to anyone who is or has a loved one experiencing any form of pychosis. My son often referred to Cathrine as his 'angel'.

Thank you Cathrine always. I will be forever grateful to you.


The following testimonials demonstrate Margit Cathrine’s abilities to use her techniques in dealing with physical pain.

Danish Doctor Speaks About Cathrine’s Healing Techniques

Groomed in the modern medical techniques - a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, I was naturally armed with an appreciable degree of skepticism as I headed for Margit Cathrine's Healing Clinic. Without furnishing the Healer any anagenetic information (in order to test her mettle), the healing session soon got under the way as Margit closed in antero-posteriorly on my body with both hands.

Wandering vertically from my fronto-occipital region, she paused around the neck and shoulders, making a rather startling statement that, the vibrations striking her hands revealed that I was sore and pain-ridden in those areas. I was completely taken aback as I was indeed in real pains, just I had been for several days in a row prior to my arrival at her clinic. Equally amazing was her pin-point accuracy as she once again registered "vibrations' in my lower back region indicating as she put it "severe pains". The fact was that I had been grappling with excruciating pains for quite a long spell as a result of a slipped lumbar disc.

Then came the feat of the therapy session: as Margit Cathrine continuously moved her hands along my trunk, I felt warmth sieving through the dolorous regions she had identified. Gradually, the pain relief set in, and as the healing session drew to a close, I could turn and twist as never before. This, I dare say, was really astonishing. Margit Cathrine has never claimed that her healing was a panacea for all ills, but certainly she is endowed with a rare gift of healing with has relieved scores of sufferers from the physical and mental agonies. Like many others, I am a living testimony of her healing prowess, and therefore, I warmly recommend her healing services to all and sundry.

--Professor Ade Ojeniyi, M.D.,
Dr. Phil., D.V.M.,
Cert. Internat. Health, D.Ac.

Letters from Patients About Achieving the Positive Results:

Wonderful life coach and hypnotist

As a person who has been diagnosed over the past ten years with obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression, I have seen many different forms of therapists and I must express with great enthusiasm that my experience with hypnosis with Cathrine has proved to be the only form of therapy that made profound changes with regards to improving my life.

Cathrine also serves as a wonderful life coach and is passionate about getting to know the needs of her clients. I have found that the effects of re-programming my subconscious mind have been a form of action that other forms of therapy cannot provide.

Not only has Cathrine helped me get to the root of my problems, but she also takes action by gently making suggestions in hypnosis that stay with you in your waking state. I must stress that hypnosis is a lovely and gentle experience.

Cathrine is sure to discuss with you the sort of suggestions that she will be applying while you are in trance state. Although this trance state is dream like, it is not a state that would accept any suggestions that you are uncomfortable with.

When I came to see Cathrine, I was an alcoholic, and I thought that no one could ever stop me from my addiction. Only a month or two after seeing her on a weekly basis, I decided to give up drinking.

For the past year I have been living a healthy lifestyle, free of alcoholism and have even returned to university. I believe that Cathrine was the catalyst for my health. I cannot thank her enough.

Cathrine will lead you on a journey through your unconscious mind, allowing you to feel safe and to travel into your inner world safely. You may even notice that your dreams are more profound and that you’re unconscious mind (since it has been given attention) is now actively trying to speak to you. The internal world holds the key to discovering the reasons behind patterns that we desire to stop.

The journey I have been on with Cathrine as my guide has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I encourage anyone who is suffering to try her approach; it could completely change your life.



I wanted to write a few words of gratitude for your help in my life's transformation.

I believe that our sessions were the culmination to an amazing journey. I have found my life's work, fallen in love for the first time at 33 and have come to know unconditional love for everyone and everything.

Thanks to you, I am using the traumatic experiences of my childhood and my healing, as a catalyst for helping children live their lives to the fullest. I intend to begin a charitable organization and acquire a Doctorate in Psychology.

I hope that you will accept my invitation to touch more lives when the time is right. I feel the need to share you with the world!

You have a special gift and I thank you for helping me heal....

Thank you, gracias, merci.

--Sherin Paul

Hi Cathrine,

Ever since I was young, I had a lot of experience seeing therapists, hoping to heal my emotional struggles. None of them worked very well, until I started working with you. I have made great progress and finally feeling healthy, happy and optimistic towards life.

Thank you Cathrine.
My life has changed to the better because of you


Open Wound Healing:

I am very happy that I decided to visit Margit Cathrine and get hypnotherapy and healing treatments.
For over 5 months I could not heal a surgical wound. After visiting Margit Cathrine only 2 times the wound completely healed and closed up in less than 3 weeks!

It has been proven to me personally now that Margit Cathrine's therapeutic techniques can help anyone recover faster from any type of ailment.
I strongly recommend Margit Cathrine as her broad knowledge in the healing arts are extremely valuable for anyone who firmly decides that they want to improve any type of condition.
All you have to do is believe, and Margit Cathrine will guide you the rest of the way!

Thank you very very much for all you help Margit Cathrine, if it wasn't for you I would still be recovering.

--Emil, Toronto

No More Migraine Attacks

My name is Conny Kaalund and I am 23 years old.
I have had problems with migraine for as long as I can remember. I have tried many various ways to cure the migraine like changing my diet, reflexology, acupuncture, but not until I met Margit Cathrine and her healing did I find exactly what could help me.
I received all in all five 45 min treatments. After the 1. treatment I got a very severe migraine attack. After the second treatment I got another very severe migraine attack but not as bad as after the first time. However thereafter I did not get any migraine attack after the treatment and I haven't had any migraine ever since.
During the healing I felt strong flows and intensity between the areas where the hands were placed. I could clearly feel the effect and since 19/11-1996 I have not had any more migraine attack.

Spiritual Healing and Hypnosis treatment worked!

Hi Margit Cathrine,

Happy New Year!
I received some great news today that I wanted to share with you.

If you remember I was moving forward with a treatment for radiation to treat my abnormal cells.. Based on intuition, I was guided to seek a second opinion. Today I received news that not only is radiation not necessary but that laser treatment will suffice with a success rate of 95% of my abnormal cells not returning!

I want to thank you for your work!
Your Spiritual Healing treatment and your hypnosis were critical to my healing and words can't express how grateful I am that I was guided to you..

With gratitude,


Liberation from Cravings

Dear Margit Cathrine,

I want to thank you so much for your excellent work! Your slenderizing Program with Hypnosis is absolutely amazing! It works so well for me!

First of all, I feel completely liberated from the emotions that was responsible for my overeating habits; so, no more craving for non-healthy foods such as sugar and starch, no more snacking all the time, no more excess.
And all this, without feeling deprived. It's a completely new life for me! Now, it's natural to eat healthy and with smaller portions. I feel content, happy and so much alive! I have much more energy with the pleasure of walking everyday!

And, YES, I AM SLENDERIZING !!! Slowly and surely, everybody noticed!

It's now impossible to go back (Thanks God)!!

I recommend your Program to everyone who really wants a real change, a deepest healing, a wonderful new life! I thank God, there is such great gifted person like you to help us achieve a successful happy life!!!


-- Josee, Toronto

My Life Is So Much Better

Dear Margit Cathrine,

It has been 10 days since I last saw you, and 24 since I had my first, of three, treatments with you. I am happy to say that during that time I have not had one drink of alcohol. Not only have I not had a drink, I have had no thought of having one. My life is so much better without alcohol. I like myself better and I'm out with friends more often. I thank the Universe everyday for sending me to you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-- KH Kathie

Margit Cathrine Inspires Trust

Dear Margit Cathrine,

A long time ago I realized I had a habit I no longer wished to have (nail biting). For years I tried to quit. One day last winter I realized that this was not a problem I was going to be able to solve on my own. I needed help to break my habit. I did not want to live with it for the rest of my life.

I’d never been to a hypnotist before, but I have always considered myself to be open-minded. More importantly, I needed help. If getting help meant going a little bit out of my comfort zone that was something I knew I had to do.

One day I wrote Margit Cathrine and email. She promptly responded and told me that she would like to help solve my problem. She was direct, positive and forward focused. I was impressed. We booked an appointment, and a week later I was knocking on the door of her office.

I am not sure what I was expecting Margit Cathrine to be like. I was a little nervous, but immediately upon meeting her I knew everything would be fine. Catherine has a calm and positive manner that inspires trust. She has passion for her techniques, which she can barely hide when she describes hypnosis or answers a question. She had all the time in the world for my questions, and she understands how real the issues that she helps people with are to them.

After a relaxing and fascinating two hours in Cathrine’s chair, I was relaxed, invigorated, and rid of my problem. It was surprisingly simple and surprisingly effective. I haven’t bitten my nails in 6 weeks and don’t have any desire to.

Thank you, Margit Cathrine, for sharing your expertise, support and kindness.

Your friend,

-- Andrew

A New Peace and Calm

Dear Margit Cathrine

I received your CD and look very much forward to listening to it - in peace and quiet.

After the hypnosis I actually am feeling much better - a different kind of peace and calm has appeared - actually I feel all this physically in the lower part of the back where you healed the fear....hmmm?? - am thinking if that could be related to I always get a sore throat when I get a virus as well as I often need to clear my throat for no reason (and I don't think I have done that the latest days....)

I look for the future and hope this inner peace and calm remains and I think positive :-)

Thanks a lot for your help and I look forward to seeing you again.


-- Lise

Cathrine teaches you how to live your life

Cathrine is truly a miracle worker. She has enabled me to reach my optimal health physically, emotionally and mentally and has cured problems that even the medical doctors could not figure out. Cathrine teaches you how to live your life so that you can become the magnificent gem that you were born to be. I have never felt more beautiful inside and out, and for that I have Cathrine to thank!


Margit Cathrine helped me heal from one of the hardest times of my life. She used a unique approach that indirectly made me think about the choices I've made. Cathrine always highlighted the black, white and grey of any situation I wished to examine. I now feel that I am armed with tools that I can use anywhere. I undoubtedly make better decisions now and feel like whole person because of the time I spent with her.


Margit Cathrine,

I would like to say thank you for your help over the past several months.
You helped me open my eyes and make the changes I was too afraid to make in order to seek true happiness. 
I'm now very excited about the future and know that you played a huge role in helping me get to where I am now. In addition, I'm much better able to face any challenges that I may face going forward.

Margit Cathrine, thank you so much for this gift!


Margit Cathrine has truly helped me to build my spiritual foundation for my life.
With her techniques, I was able to clear away negative emotion from my past, identify and clear old patterns and blocks that have held me back from fulfilling my life's purpose.

With this foundation I have become free to live my most authentic life and continue on my journey with confidence and clear intention. I will always be grateful.

--Jenn Price

The Result I Have Prayed For

Dear Margit Cathrine,

It's now been 1 1/5 month since I had my two sessions with you.

As you know there was a huge shift in me in connection to these sessions. So much so that people around me have asked me, what has happened to me.

It was a big relief for me to end the negative spiral and not only that, but to turn it around into a positive spiral. That has among other things resulted in a bigger awareness regarding how I via my thoughts create my own reality.

I have to mention that the old ways of thinking still come up to test me. However, something has changed, and I cannot really even put my finger on what it is, but this result is what I have prayed for and what I wanted to happen.

I do indeed know who to contact should I need assistance again!


-- Susanne

My Life Is Back on Track

Hi Margit Cathrine

I'm feeling much better after our session.
Thank you very much.
I no longer feel a heavy weight on my chest.

You really helped me a lot. Much appreciated. For the moment i think i am ok in terms of emotional issues.
But if anything comes up I think i should work on i will go straight to you.

Again - thank you very much!!

-- Lucia

Margit Cathrine,

After meeting with you for only two sessions, my life is back on track.

I definitely have a more positive outlook on life and you have helped me be more relaxed with my music reading.

You have a gift for hypnosis and I would recommend you highly to anyone who is out there who needs that extra little push or nudge in the right direction.


-- Eric

EFT is a therapy for life

I never thought that this technique known as EFT would help me at all, but it has changed my life, actually it has given me a new life.
When I had gone to Margit Cathrine I was devastated and she worked with me with so much love, patience and belief that everything would be alright, and it did become alright like a miracle.
Eft is a therapy for life.

Thanks and with Regards,


From Depression to Joy

Dear Margit Cathrine,

I feel like Lulu in "To Sir with love" - how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume; or in this case, from depression to joy. This has been a truly eye opening experience for me. I know I was meant to find you. The tools you have given me to move forward will be used.

Thank you so much for giving me my life back and PEACE.

-- Rhonda

Sleeping Well

I have suffered from a severe dust mite allergy all of my life which means getting a good night's sleep is next to impossible as dust mites are most plentiful in beds and bedding.
After my first session with Cathrine, I slept better than I had in months and have been sleeping well ever since.

Thank you, Cathrine!

-- Dan Gosse

EFT - "sideeffect" was normal sleeping patterns

Dear Margit Cathrine,

I'm feeling well, quite different actually. A few days after the session I realized that my normal sleeping pattern is starting to come back. I've had quite severe insomnia the past 14-15 months and it seems much better.
I've felt quite different because the things I usually obsess about are in the background now.

This is a relief and it also makes me feel a little empty, which is hopeful.
Thank you and best wishes for the holidays.


Changing a Negative into a Positive Learning Experience

Hi Margit Cathrine,

I have been seeing therapists for quite a while, from counselors to psychiatrists to naturopaths and other support groups. Nothing has helped me more than seeing Margit Cathrine. I have made such progress that I now live a very healthy life. Margit Cathrine taught me the tools to tap into my spiritual existence which has changed the way I think and feel.

I have learned how to change a negative situation into a positive learning experience so that I only attract positive wonderful things into my life. Margit Cathrine has always been supportive and I feel like a much more solid and balanced person because of her.

-- Ellen

Wise and Caring Insights

Dear Margit Cathrine,

I'm writing to let you know that I was recently accepted into a highly competitive, fully funded professional development program.
The admissions process involved two interviews, which I breezed through thanks to your hypnosis therapy.
Not only did I benefit from hypnosis but I also have gained from the wise and caring insights you offered during our sessions.
Thank you so much

Best wishes,

-- Karen, Toronto

A World of Difference

Hi Margit,

Everything is fine now, and I am doing very well.
Your hypnosis made a world of difference. Thank you so much.


-- Jeanne

Feel re-programmed


Noticed a big difference after the first session...it was weird..like i was "re-programed"
i dont know how to explain it....but i feel happier so I would like to book another session for sure!


Free of Worry


* Why is it that I am so happy ??

* Why is it that I am so free of worry ??

Haaaaa. it is working.
many thanks.

-- Jeff

Increased Self Confidence

Dear Margit Cathrine

As you know, before you went back to Toronto I felt really awful but I forced myself to hear your CD, hoping all would change. After less than a week I started to feel a change in me; I became real happy listening to the CD and was also able to sense the change in the "outer me". Normally I have been feeling oppressed almost constantly due to my lack of self-worth and very negative thoughts. This has totally changed.

I have started to feel all that you say on the tape......positive thoughts, less worries, increased self-confidence and trust in others.... That I as well as the others think I am OK and if they don't, it doesn't matter much to me because I trust in myself and think that's fine. I can state my mind and even if it's not necessary positive or what people wish to hear, it is received well because it's truthful. With only one exemption I have listened to your tape every day at least one time and I will keep doing this until you come back again to visit Denmark. The mere thought of returning to my old condition brings cold sweat to me......I can still from time to time become scared that "the magic" suddenly will end, if I suffer a defeat but try not to think too much of it, because all are going well. I may still need to move more forward yet as mentioned previously I have felt an enormous and fantastic change that has made my life worth living, and for that I am beyond words thankful to you.

The best of greetings from

-- Elna

Would Recommend to Others

I had an incredible session with you Cathrine. I was in Toronto from Los Angeles and I had certain things really bothering me. You made me see that the solution lies within myself. I am so pleased with the way you work and I will recommend you to others, in fact I already have done so. I am looking forward to another session as soon as I am in Toronto.

Thanks again

-- Carol McGrath

Truly Gifted

Good morning Margit Cathrine

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you helped me with! You are truly gifted ! I slept better last night and I woke up feeling wonderful !! The way I look at it you helped save my life and I am forever grateful!

I hope you have a super day

-- Jacqui

More Space in My Mind

Hi Margit Cathrine,

The overall effect i feel from our session together is that now there is more space in my mind. There is less of the old programming running in the background. My subconscious has been freed of having to look for situations that the old programming would need to be acted upon.

As if by magic, the issues we addressed are no longer there. A 'side-effect' is that now i can see subtler layers of programming that i would like to address.

-- Gerry

An Instant Sense of Joy

I thought it would be important to send you a note to let you know how I am feeling.
When I left you yesterday I said that I wasn't feeling that great. Well, I think I had a delayed reaction!

When I stepped out on to the street and looked down the street it was amazing what I saw.
The lights and colours were so much brighter than I had ever experienced before. I felt an instant sense of joy and lightness, one that I had not experienced in a long time.

When I entered the parking garage the smells and scents were so much more intense and while they were not particularly pleasant they made feel so much more alive. When I arrived home I was almost giddy with my good feeling - to the point my husband was suspicious of where I had been and if I had been drinking.

Well, I did feel drunk - intoxicated with the joy and hopefulness of what lies ahead.

I awoke this morning with a smile on my face. I was so glad that it wasn't an initial reaction. I realize that there will be rocky roads ahead but I also firmly believe that by changing the way I perceive and react to things will greatly alter the outcome.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. I look forward to our next session. Together we can achieve extraordinary things!
Have a wonderful day,

-- Laurie

Loved the CD

I got the tape today.
What a terrific voice you have for hypnosis. I listened to it and loved it.

Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for recording the tape.You are a very special women and I only wish the very best for you, forever.

Warmest Blessings,

-- Jency

Having Fun with Everything

I am doing well, things are much better. I think I am enjoying life a lot more, letting things be, specially the little things. Yes, I feel that I have improved, and I am letting my child in me come out again. I had stopped being silly and childish, but now I am starting to be silly and have fun with everything. The vacation was awesome. I had forgotten how much fun it could be to get away from it all.

Going back to me, I know I can take a lot more before I blow up, and most of the time I try to walk away and relax, then go back to answer or deal with the problem. I do not try to deal with it rush. Now I take my time, and with a lot of practice, I will get there.

I have you to thank, and I will let you know when it's time for my 'tune- up'. Thanks a million.

-- Willy K.

Very Helpful

Thanks. I am doing well ... treatments were very, very helpful.


-- Douglas M.

Stronger, Happier, More Confident

Hi Margit Cathrine,

I play the CD every night before I go to bed and in the beginning more than once. I feel my old self again, stronger, happier and more confident. I don't seem to take much abuse from anyone, I stand up for myself much more now. I'm no longer afraid and I am not thinking about it all the time. There are occasional moments but they disappear quickly. I feel that I am healing very quickly. Thank you.

I want to recommend you........ to all my paranoid friends.

-- Julie

Helped Me Start the Day with Positive Thoughts

I have received hypnosis over the phone from Margit Cathrine.
It helped me come back on the right track after a hard time trying to refresh life's truths. It helped me be more peaceful so I could concentrate on starting to solve my problems.
Margit Cathrine recorded a CD for me which I listened to every morning in the following weeks. It helped me start the day with positive thoughts which I hope will precipitate deep inside me. Hope you are doing great over there.


-- Anne

Harmony, Peace of Mind, and Weight Loss

Hi again Margit Cathrine,

I must say it is indeed strong powers you have started in me. Since I met you I have bought a book about what I can eat as a blood type A person plus I have emptied all I had stored in the refrigerator of food that was not good for me. My daughter and son-in-law were quite happy to receive the food I cannot eat after all. And of course I have been searching for soya milk which is not so easy to find where I live as well as tofu. Now I eat green vegetables, most often raw vegetables, as well as steamed fish. I feel much better. I listen to your tape at least once a day, and it works well for me. I haven't forgotten the tapping method you taught me - I had better write it down before I forget.



-- Leena Wåle

A follow-up letter to the above, two weeks after treatment:

I still listen to the CD at least one time a day. It brings me a wonderful harmony and peace of mind - on top of the weight loss effect. My weight has gone down more than 5 pounds in 14 days, which I am very content with. It does not bring me any difficulties changing my eating habits, especially since most of what I cannot have any more was not allowed in the Weight watcher program either which I used to follow.

Best of all is probably the self-accept which has come due to the hypnosis - or was it due to the EFT? Nevertheless I am still very confident regarding following my project and I have never ever before felt such good support as I do using your techniques. Thank you once again!


-- Leena

Freedom from Fear

I need to say thank you and make you happy about the work you are doing. The fear that hunted me for 25 years has totally gone and I feel free. I am looking forward to you to visit Denmark again, there has to be more we can get away using the EFT and I must say, this is an easy way.

-- Jørgen K.

Personal Touch

After just one Intuitive Healing session with you, I already feel an enormous amount of relief. You provided insight into various areas of my life, which lead to my malaise, and I am happy to report that your accurate visions indeed allowed me to begin the healing process.

Your personal touch, fantastic "bed-side manner" and kindness are truly appreciated!

I will certainly continue to seek your wonderful services to further my emotional, mental and physical growth! -


-- Natalie


Dear Margit Cathrine,

Thank you for your message. (You have the most lovely voice I know!) Our last session has certainly encouraged me to do more work in the direction I want to go.

Thank you very much.

And all the very best to you!

-- Krisha Mondstei

Master of Her Craft

Hi Margit Cathrine,

You are fantastic. Meeting you brought me back to life. Wish you were in Jasper when I was seeking alternative healing. You are a master at your craft. I wish to see you again and hope it can be soon. Your psychic powers are fascinating and very accurate. I was truly blessed to spend time with you. The Universe will send lots your way.

Many hugs,

-- Tom Price

The Answers to So Many Questions

Lyngby April 1998.

My experience with Cathrine Margit's healing have so much brought me back happiness and the will to live as well as shown me the meaning of my life. I have earlier in my life been in group therapy, gestalt therapy and seeing a psychiatrist - all treatments that helped me through the problems I was facing at that particular time as well as provided me with tools and abilities enough to enable me to live with the traumas that was put on me in my childhood. However I had become tired and depressed - things did not seem to fit in together any more despite I had a good job and wonderful man. I knew a little about what made me fearful but I did not know how to get on in life. Intuitively I knew I did not need any more therapy but then what was it I needed?

One day on my job I saw Margit take action when a colleague complained about a severe headache. Margit Cathrine started healing the guy which fascinated me a lot. Such an intense healing I had never seen before in my life.

After the healing I asked Margit what kind of abilities she had and her answers quickly made me aware it was with her I should get help dealing with my problems. Margit Cathine has given me answers to so many questions, taught me to keep my energy, brought my body in balance as well as brought me faith that I will find the deeper meaning concerning my life. Still I know that in order to keep this state of peace and harmony I have to work on it myself. Margit has shown me possibilites but it is my responsibility to use the possibilities and to use them right.

Best regards

-- Jeanne Dylewski

Regarding Margit Cathrine’s Intuitive Abilities:

The following letters are testaments to Cathrine’s Intuitive and Intuitive Healing Abilities.

Re. Prenatal:

After ten years of cohabitation with my boyfriend, we were married the summer of 2009 and to complete our idyll, I was also pregnant that summer.

I was what you call happy - a wonderful husband, expecting a child, house, dog, horse and a dream job as a realtor, so nothing could beat me out, right until I was 21 weeks along and I suddenly became acute hospitalized. My mucosal plug was gone and the baby on the way out. In short, I was about to give birth. I was hospitalized with the message that there was less than 10% chance that I could keep the baby in the stomach and that the child was now so big that I would have to give birth to it in the normal way, however knowing that the doctors could not save child when it came out due to doctors first make an active effort to save lives after the 24th week. I was at that point about to lose the baby I had dreamed about for years, and I could feel the kick inside me and had just received knowledge of the gender. Here began a long and tough battle to keep my little boy.

I underwent a surgery where I was sewn together to keep the child. Against all odds the surgery went well. I had to stay on sick leave for the rest of my pregnancy, and was told to lie down most of the time which to me was somewhat of a challenge, but if that was the price to get my boy, it was obviously worth that price.

When I was 29 weeks pregnant the water went, and now there was no turning back. It was now only a matter of days before I gave birth, however the good news was that I had kept my boy in the stomach two precious months after surgery.

January 12th 2010 I became mother of a beautiful boy of 1263 grams born ten weeks and one day early. It was obviously hard to see my little miracle lie in incubators not being able to hold him like a normal baby, but despite the circumstances my boy did relatively fine. He was a tough little guy and was named Superman by the staff at neonatal department.

Gradually, I dared to believe that we were allowed to keep our boy for good. Due to he was little, he had nothing to do but put on some weight in order for us to bring him home. However approximately 14 days before we were supposed to go home, I experienced every parent's nightmare - my boy stopped breathing and died in the arms of me. My world collapsed and I was crying while staff struggled to resuscitate him, which thankfully was successful. Three hours later we were transferred to Rigshospitalet.

After a few days at RH, we were sent back our local hospital with a message that my son had RS virus, which had hit him hard because he was premature and not yet had a fully developed immune systems. The weeks after that experience were awful. My boy was placed in an incubator again where he got oxygen, blood transfusion and was completely weakened.

Being so close to losing my baby during pregnancy, seeing him lying in an incubator, seeing him be revived and now seeing him being so ill, was almost more than I could manage. I was very influenced by all that had happened and had difficulty finding the energy to be there 100% for my boy and get through the day. My thoughts were dominated by fear of what might happen next time and I did not dare believe that I would be able to go home with my son.

February 23rd came and my mother visited me at the hospital with the best possible birthday gift for me, namely Margit Cathrine.

Margit gave me intuitive healing and in that process she made me aware that it was important that I started to switch my thinking to something positive. In addition, I received good advice on how I could help my son. The entire scene ended with ten minutes of much needed healing.

After Margit's visit I had the energy to not just to be there, but also be strong for both my son and my husband. In addition, I now dare to think about the future again, which gave me a hope and belief that my son would get well again and I obviously enough to come home with him.

14 days after Margit Cathrine’s visit, I left the hospital with a healthy boy in the lift.

-- Randi

Hi Margit Cathrine,

I wanted to thank you for the help you provided me.

I came to see you on a snowy day (Feb. 1) to have a reading/clairvoyance. I am truly amazed by the description you gave me of the struggles I am going through. I am grateful to you and God for sending me this message.

Thank you

-- Catherine

Hi Margit Cathrine...

it finally happened, we got a well-made baby girl.

She and Gitte are doing very well, and little My is the calmest girl so far and of course the most beautiful baby, ever made;-)

We are incredibly relieved as we, as you know, were very nervous regarding the medicine Gitte got through the pregnancy. It's wonderful it is over now so we can hopefully again have a life and many wonderful hours together with the little new baby.

Hope all is well at your place, and you will hear from us as time goes by, but right now I want you to know I will never forget the help and support you gave me so I could pass it on to Gitte and Me.

I am sure we would have given up if not for you, so you should take part of the honour for having brought this little soul to this world.

All the best from here....

-- Tommy

You are passionate about the psychic/healing stuff, and knowledgeable and experienced, as well as truly psychic and a healer, and that surely comes through. You are authentic.

-- Kathy

Margit Cathine is extremely gifted. Just by hearing my voice on the phone she was able to connect with me and tell me so much. I asked a few specific questions and her responses were so accurate that I thought she was in my head. She was even able to tell me about a family member and what was going on in his life, without his presence.

I have seen other psychics in the past, but have never experienced such accuracy and detail.

Thank you Margit Cathrine. I look forward to having a healing from you soon.

With gratitude,

-- Irene

This was my first reading with Margit. She was excellent.
Her intuitiveness into the soul was very much healing for me. I was feeling very insecure before I sat down with her. She really lifted my spirits.

-- Colleen

Margit Cathrine helped me with sense of direction. I'll be back!

-- Susannah


-- Shoona

You were good for me today. Thank you a lot!

-- Sara

Thanks for a brief history of my life, and an awakening from it. I will keep contact with you.

Love from

-- Jonathan



My goal and passion is to help people get healed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Nothing makes me happier than to experience a person evolve into what that person would like to be and become



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Nothing pleases me more than to help people feel better - whether it is physically, emotionally or spiritually