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  • Hypnosis

    Helps you overcome problems

    Hypnosis is a non-invasive form of therapy in which a person put a relaxed sleep-like state. This type of therapy is performed by a Consulting Hypnotist. Hypnosis is a technique that explores a person's conscious and sub-conscious mind. A Consulting Hypnotist can help their patient change their lifestyle...

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  • MindScaping

    Discover the deepest thoughts that drive your day

    MindScaping is the practice of accessing a client's unconscious mind and deepest held thoughts and beliefs. The process removes much of the need for long, detailed conversational therapy, and provides deep and personal insight into a client's mental state and needs very quickly...

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    Reconnective Healing
  • EFT therapy

    Emotional Freedom Techniques

    EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form of non-invasive energy/median therapy. This form of therapy har proven to reduce the time it takes to see the effects of the standard therapy process from years down to in some cases just minutes. ETF is a technique that centers on the effects...

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Curo.net is a professional site that is dedicated to you.
I, Margit Cathrine, will personally help you to conquer your psychological needs to ensure you feel comfortable while understanding the route of your stressful factors.

Curo.net is a caring website that treats everyone with dignity and strongly emphases the importance of ignorance to mental health; I offer a range of useful facilities, such as blogs and articles that will give you a great insight to: hypnosis, mindscaping, virtual gastric band, beam therapy, EFT and more. My aim is to in all confidentiality ensure that you achieve your ultimate goal, which is why I provide an array of methods to help make your success an easy process.

A Skype Hypnotherapy Session is available for an affordable fee; you can simply book your appointment with me in the contact box and you can make your payment on the site without using any payment details.

Also, the website offers various Hypnosis CDs that will help you beat your struggles in your own time; these CDs will help you boost your confidence, quit smoking, help with your sleeping habits and more.

Furthermore, I believe the healing process is one of the most important stages of improving your wellbeing. As you cleanse your body from stressful toxins, you will be able to move on from negative emotions, such as: hurt, anger, denial and depression. I will help you every step of the way and give you optimum support through your healing process so you will never feel isolated or alone.

Curo.net gives an honest approach on different methods to exploring the mind. While you may have felt frustrated at not receiving answers by doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists in the past, curo.net will be able to give you in depth information and solutions to various techniques that you can try.

I will make sure that every member has the opportunity to use the site’s useful and professional facilities. If you would like to arrange a hypnosis appointment or find out a quote for a specific hypnosis plan, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact box or phone number that is provided on the website.